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Thread: Does someone enjoy playing as the USA?

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    Does someone enjoy playing as the USA?


    After my recent complete game, I decided to play as the USA to learn the democracy game, and to be honest I kinda wanted to experience the whole greatnes from nothing.

    Well it sucked.

    1st of all, whats with all the event spam, is it because I am wicked? Seriously annoying. Then, ugh AI capitalists are bad and they should feel bad, but oh well whatever I was willing to put up with it.

    American Civil War, its 1870, I have passed all decisions except one that requires 8 CON, thankfully the events seem to happen even more frequently now(Sarcasm) I have passed all my Political Reforms except Slavery abolition, my social reforms are advancing pretty quickly , I already fired whatshinname last raid. I assume I just have to get my CON to 8 and that will be the last decision no?

    Well, I am getting all freaking rebellions from Jacobins, to anarchists , but the damn freaking south is not rebelling. I have to get my CON high to get that decision, that allows me to pass social reforms, but passing them lowers my CON so Ihold them off but then I get every freaking rebellion (and this are massive rebellions) except the one I want.

    There are also too many states, just too many. I mean I get the whole 51 states thing, but some of them could have been better off merged into larger regions(talking about the game BTW no offense to Americans). I just ALT+F4´d after another rebellions (By African Americans, they are reactionaries?)

    I really enjoyed the Brazil playthrough . I want to ejnjoy my US playthrough, but the constant events, the way the ACW events are done, I am seriously losing my patience. Is there anything I should be looking forward to, or the event spamming and general boringness is all I will be doing? I´m thinking on ditching this game and doing either Japan (to learn a little more about UnCivs) or Prussia (To really delve into European Politics and the whole unification thing, and they are a powerhouse as the US, I will just assume there is less annoyance with them)

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    If you think US events are way too frequent, try playing china. you will be bombarded by that ridiculous "anti monarchy sentiment" or whatever it is called every freekin month, and it becomes worse after you industrialize.
    Maybe I am sensitized or something but I don't remember my USA playthroughs being plagued with events, in any case I think they decrease in intensity after the civil war so just hold on until then. As for the states, yes they are a lot, but simply focus on your most populace ones and ignore the rest. Finally, the beauty about playing as the US is that it is the only GP that doesn't have to worry about being invaded, plus you are the decider when it comes to European great wars or you can simply ignore them and focus on building a colonial empire in Asia (hey Spain and the Netherlands don't need all these juicy rubber and oil producing provinces now do they)
    Finally, The rebels are a universal problem in most countries, they pop up way too frequently and often times even when your country is doing extremely well, especially in the USA where for some reason millions of communist rise up in revolt, and if you let them win (not for the love of communism, but simply so that you get rid of them), the Jacobin will rise up in turn, so it is a no win situation. At least the rebels are easily stomped unlike in some mods ( looking at you PDM-DBZ) where they are sometimes in the hundred thousand and as strong as a regular army.
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    Oh, and I wanted to do a China playthrough one day.

    And yeah I decided to focus on my more populous provinces. Still, the events are so annoying. I kinda went the other way and am dominating Africa. Will go for Asia soon. I have Japan and Korea in my SOI.

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    My favorite playthrough ever was the U.S. xD. I basically colonized much of Africa possible ( having American Africa populated by American Africans was pretty lol) I had the entirety of South America in my sphere, and I helped China modernize (when they modernize, their citizens start migrating to your States!) Besides U.S. China was my other favorite playthrough. I think with both of those countries the benefits of Interventionism and laissez faire are great because of the vast size and great mineral wealth.

    Just focus on having a big powerful army and Navy and people will be to scared to rebel.

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    USA can be a fun place to be, but the first 30-40 years are utterly dominated by the civil war (unless you shorttrack it by removing slavery before slavery debate fires), while dealing with some major event spam (and election spam from day one)

    playing as everybody around the US is worse though, especially mexico. it's like winning the CW as the south only you dont even have the excuse of once being part of the country for the constant wars, you just exist on land the game wants america to own
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    Quote Originally Posted by sgt.stickybomb View Post
    If you think US events are way too frequent, try playing china. you will be bombarded by that ridiculous "anti monarchy sentiment" or whatever it is called every freekin month, and it becomes worse after you industrialize.
    Anti-Manchu Sentiment. That event is possibly the most ridiculous event in all PDS games. It pops up every friggin week, you are lucky if you have it only once a month. And it doesn't end, at least not until you defeat the Taiping Rebellion, and even then it can get glitched and will continue to be spammed.

    What's worse, you cannot avoid it. The devs were so lazy that they set Manchu as China's primary culture. So no matter what kind of China and how legitimate China you are, you will always be the foreign occupiers for 90% of the country. You'll keep getting that spam event, which flares up even more rebellions.
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    One of my funnest games was with the US. Before I stopped playing the save I had all of Mexico except the capital and most of Africa. Could of conquered Canada if I wanted, but I quit after Germany defeated me and cut me down to size. I don't remember how I lost though, most of my African provinces were unoccupied (that's where all of the fighting happened during the entire war).
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    Not really. I played a full game once though.

    I just find the USA to be a little to easy.

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