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Thread: [HoD] Divided We Stand (Balkanized North America)

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    Ok, I played a California Republic 2.1 game last night.

    THANK YOU for adjusting the population levels.


    1. California has cores on a couple Baja California provinces, but no CB.
    2. California has no event/decision to form the Western States. Why not?!?
    3. Federal States is OP. They should not be as strong as they are. We're talking about a world where the US has been balkanized. It makes no sense for so many states to be like "well, we hated Federalism the first two times, shit lets try again!". So I'd suggest nerfing the Federal States rebels, and restricting cores when the Federal States does emerge. Maybe only adjacent territories so it doesn't blob uncontrollably across the continent.

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    Some states (specifically MAN) don't have starting party in power causing a CTD when clicking on the view parties button (checked files they have a 1836 starting party but not one for 1861)
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    On a fresh install loading any country crashes it.
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    You need to add more form able nations, and I believe create a CB like the jihad one in PDM to allow these states to attack other ones with limited infamy instead of the 22 infamy conquest.

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    I downloaded the mod, extracted it into my mods folder, but when i started it all of the american state's flags where missing and there where no population changes. Please help.

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    Ohio doesn't have Buckeye as primary culture, which causes it to become a minority about 20 years into my game. Which countries can form Great Lakes? I wanted to form Great Lakes with Chicago or Detroit as the capital but those countries form Federal States.
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    Is NNM or any other mod used as a base for this, or is Vanilla the base?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MuchAndMore View Post
    Is NNM or any other mod used as a base for this, or is Vanilla the base?
    Vanilla is the base but long-term plans are to wrap it up with the last release of NNM once most of the bigger issues are resolved.

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    mrtherussian did a TON of work on the mod and I have included it all in the official release:

    -Fixed infinite tag switching. Tag switching to higher order nations (ie. FED, CSA) prevents tag switching to lower order nations (ie. New England, Great Lakes). Can no longer tag switch between nations of the same level either (ie. New England cannot form Great Lakes).
    -Fixed un-formable nations. All formable nations included in the original mod are now working.
    -Fixed early FED/CSA issue. The AI will not petition to join a federation unless it is at least a secondary power. The country considering joining also will not join if it is a secondary or higher power. Requires relations 150 and that both the federation and country are democracies. Requires the federation have less than 25 infamy. Should prevent FED and CSA appearing by revolution and then eating everything within a year.
    -Fixed infinite annexation. Spheres are only annexed if they hold cores of the new nation, and even then only those core provinces will be annexed.
    -Forming nations now properly requires Nationalism and Imperialism to be researched (typo was preventing this).
    -Cascadia no longer requires possession of the two core provinces owned by Russia in order to be formed.
    -Added a clause to formation decisions that gives an exemption decision if the sphereling is played by a human.
    -Western States of America cores added to Texas (were intended to be there, I think, since WST was set to be formed only by a nation with texan as primary culture).
    -Great Lakes Union cores added to Minnesota.
    -Great Lakes Union now formable by Yankee and anglo Canadian cultures. Previously only hoosier and buck eye were allowed.
    -Added "form Canada" decision for Canadians. I look out for you guys too, eh?
    -Freed Ontario from the clutches of the UK, gave it a few cores in the Great Lakes region.
    -Added Superior cores in the Lake Superior region of Ontario.
    -Removed Plains Association cores from Minnesota.
    -Added Ohio cores to Westsylvania. Ohio was beginning the game with all of its cores and triggering its ambition event within a few days of game start.
    -Added an "Ambition of Massachusetts" event to mimic other ambition events since New England was the only formable region without a country that got this event.
    -Many of the events in the mod would not fire due to syntax errors, all of which have been fixed.
    -Slightly increased POPs ONLY OF SOLDIERS in many of the countries, especially Canadian and western countries. Should help neighbors of California not instantly die in a fire. No other POPs changed.

    Version 2.4.1 is now available:

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    I've just completed a California > Western States of America game and it's been great fun. I haven't encountered any gameplay bugs and the only thing which bothered me was the fact that California had cores on Baja California but had no CB on Sonora to take it back. I do hope you plan to continue development of this mod, my one request would be a balkanized America start for 1836. Thanks for one of the simplest yet most enjoyable mods for Vic 2 I've played.

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    Balkanised also means new cultures, or could... right?

    I'd like that there were a couple more cultures:

    - Californian - Flavours, mostly. I find it hard to believe that through the deeply uninhabitated Great Plains and across the Rocky Mountains, at the other side of the Mormon Trail, most of the people of California still feel they are Yankees. There should have been a Californio culture in Vicky2 vanilla if you ask me, and for the sake of simplicity we can either merge Californio with Californian and call it Californian or show Californios as Mexicans and Californian Yankees as simply Californians.
    - Midlander - For most Yankee pops from Idaho to Illinois, representing plains, ranch and Midlands populations that have ceased to identify themselves as Yankees.
    - Cascadian
    - Sylvanian or Yooper - For the Michigan region or for the Wisconsin-Superior-Minnesota area.

    Other than that, I'm having a blast with this mod. Great work!

    (Although I'm also usually getting broke at the frist five years. Victoria is such a mystery!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cèsar de Quart View Post
    Balkanised also means new cultures, or could... right?

    (Although I'm also usually getting broke at the frist five years. Victoria is such a mystery!)
    I find a lot of the states have horrible liberal governments which prevent you from ramping taxes up to cover budget deficits, the texan whig party comes to mind as one of the worst. Try shifting voters ideology best you can, though I normally end up with at least one bankruptcy before I can get industrializing. If you can reach Johore (hawaii is a good stop gap for reaching asia) beat them up and steal their gold, try grabbing borneo too, this feels like cheating a little it does help as a short term solution.

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    I want to see an independent Alaska with its own culture. "Alaskan" for me that would be great and you may ask why its own culture? because if you ever came up here you would know that we have a different culture then the rest of the U.S.
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    I don't like Colorado's monarchy flag at ALL! Pls make it the regular Colorado flag!

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    >Fixed un-formable nations. All formable nations included in the original mod are now working.

    I'm still unable to get nations to form. Specifically CSA from Old Dominion

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    Well, I'm happy to say, after starting as the United Kingdom and trying to conquer America back again, that due to my gross incompetence, I successfully managed to run England into the ground within four years, succumbing to a reactionary rebellion and the subsequent dissolution of my empire. My totally disconnected and willy-nilly Absolute Monarchy of America, which I released in order to play as, was then obliterated into obscurity by rebels fighting for an Independent Long Island.

    10/10 whole mod.

    But no, really, that weird test run was fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitcoin View Post
    >Fixed un-formable nations. All formable nations included in the original mod are now working.

    I'm still unable to get nations to form. Specifically CSA from Old Dominion
    I had that problem too, albeit I met the requirements to form the Great Lakes it was still not possible. The problem is that all decisions are declared twice, once in the USA_Subregions_formation.txt file in the /decisons subfolder and once in their own file. The solution is to delete USA_Subregions_formation.txt. I did it and now all decisions work correctly
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