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Thread: Post Your Heart of Darkness Empire!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaxImperator View Post
    I was so worried someone might beat me to posting the first shot of Yugoslavia! I love the colour.

    Click for larger version:

    I started as Serbia in 1836. Got knocked around a lot by the Ottoman Empire and Austria and lost more than my fair share of wars, but survived somehow. The crisis mechanics were a bit hit-and-miss. I got Albania and Ottoman Montenegro in a normal war. Russia's my BFF; been like that for most of the game. At one point I took Slavonia and Croatia from Austria, but they got them back again just after the Ottomans trounced me in another war. This screenshot is just after I got the crown from the gutter event thanks to Montenegro. I have no idea what I did to deserve it, but I was very pleasantly surprised. My fascist ruling party will have to roll back all those free 'democracy' reforms of course, but the cores and accepted cultures should be worth it.

    Note the American Aegean Islands, Dutch Libya/Egypt, France in Italy, the Ionian Peloponese and the atrocity that is independent Danzig. Germany only formed in the 1900s after some minor German state had a pan-German revolution.
    This makes me very jealous

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    This was the first game in Victoria 2 I have ever completed, so I don't really know if this is average or not. I have always liked playing Italian countries in Paradox games, don't really know why.

    I started as Sardinia-Piedmont in 1836 and was able to united Italy through that revolution event (Two Sicilies got occupied by the redshirts) by the year 1848 I think. Then from that date until the 1920's I spent the majority of the time building and researching industrial stuff, and bullying the Austrians in many ways with my ally through the entire game (the United Kingdom). I was able to release a bunch on nations and there was this crisis over the release of Finland, and I led the Finnish side of it. The French sided with the Russians and the UK sided with me, then while there was a huge war occurring, the communists decided to rise up while I wasn't paying attention and took over, but still allowed me to continue the war. Italy and the UK won, and the Great War wargoals caused the french populace to freak out and they had about 4 revolutions in 3 years, and twice became communist. Then after dealing with industrial micro-management hell for the rest of the game, I continued until the game ended in 1936. Italy and Portugal were the only communists in Europe by 1936, and Denmark and Romania were the only Fascists.

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    Was there ever such a grand Germany
    Click image for larger version

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    I aim to please.

    Have you been having a hard time with Serbia? The diplomatic AI seems more astute and opportunistic than before. It's a shark tank.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PaxImperator View Post
    I was so worried someone might beat me to posting the first shot of Yugoslavia! I love the colour. [...]
    Hah, nice!
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    Click image for larger version

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    Transvaal is an interesting game with the new colonial mechanics. I still need to grab bits of the coast from Oman and finish off the former Portuguese dominions. Maybe if things go badly for the UK in the future I'll try and grab their dominions of South Africa and Namaqualand.

    I doubt I'd have been able to grab half that land if the UK hadn't got involved in several colonial contests and released South Africa to free up colony points. I had to wait for the Mocambique dominions to rebel away from Portugal as they were in the sphere of and allied to the UK, and I wouldn't have stood a chance against their armies.
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    My first game in HoD forming great Deutschland! A very fun and war filled game.

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    I don't think there's been an Ireland Empire up here yet so....

    The expanded Irish Home Islands. I decided at the start of this game to build a naval power so I could take as much as Africa as I could. It later turned out to be much more useful as I single handedly took on the UK, Prussia and Denmark in a war for Iceland, Greenland region, but I did it with 37 ships. 9 transports, 8 Ironclads, 20 monitors. During that time I wiped out the entire Prussian Navy and took out over 100 ships of the UK. If you checked the Irish Sea in my world, it would be littered with hundreds of ships. I only lost 3. 1 Ironclad and 2 monitors. That was due to the much superior French Navy (at least to the UK) who flooded the Irish Sea with 60 ships and the UK 40 against my 14.

    I won.

    My African Empire. I have no other colonial holdings, but Panama. Had to fight Portugal and Spain several times for Morocco. Annihilating the French and Russian navy gave me Algeria. Since then I have through only 2 Great Wars. The first was won on a wish and a prayer, the second I actually got something from. Somali land, and Kenya became mine by right of conquest.

    Also Europe be crazy...Kinda my fault though.

    Two Great Wars plus several dozen crisis will do that. If I had a screen shot of France and Belgium from before the first Great War you would know. Scotland, Finland, Hungary and Poland were my doing. In their happiness to repay me all but Scotland declare war on me in the Last Great War. Still I won. The outcome was so bad it pushed France from 3rd to 6th, Russia from 8th to 32nd. Italy from 7th to 14th. Also it's caused half of Europe to be filled with communist rebels. France is full, Russia is full, Italy is full and most of Easter Europe as well. I think I might see The Great Workers Uprising. Oh yeah map of Europe.

    Map of the world.

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    "end game" of my test game as the UK - focus was on the new crises and colonization system.

    The start was pretty normal for the UK except that the US wanted the other part of Colombia pretty bad ... so much that it developed to a crises where I was on one side and Europe (France, Austria, Prussia, Russia) on the other. Thanks to improved warscore of naval combats and a weak US army I got New York out of it.

    To the 1880s: From different crises with Greece (~80% of all) and the dismemberment of Austria by very opportunistic AIs + crisis (=> Hungary), Prussian got beat up by Russia + France, Egypt was a magnet of influence battles for every great power so the Ottomans didn't dare to touch it. I focused more on Asia during that time ... and to late on China... Also the US failed to win against the CSA, which I sphered to preserve them - same with Mexico

    In the 1880s the colonial game began with a head start of 3-5? months for me so I managed to grab most of outer Africa + some pacific islands. Only a few provinces got actual influence battles.
    China was partially westernised so I took a few states of them to limit their power as a possible GP.

    The next 10 years Europe became a battleground for new crises - Poland was created and Austria lost more and more land. And a great war happened out of crises (Finland), where the long term buddy of Russia - France switched sides to the UK, Japan side. The Great War was between UK, Japan, France, Prussia (quite weak), Hungary + several minors vs Russia, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Persia and other minors.
    After various battles against the hordes of Russia I got the gas attacks invention and that was that I was easy before that and after it, it was a joke. The result of that war: independent Unified Baltic States, Finland, Java, Slowenia and a part French Norway and Russia on it knees with only 10 brigades remaining.
    Meanwhile the US annexed the CSA, who became a GP and lost my guarantee :/ also the NGF formed very late ~1910?

    I stopped playing in 1919, because its now more or less a minor arms race with France and the US. All nations are very careful around me (+100 relations with nearly everyone) and crises are reduced to Poland asking for Schlesien / Posen and the standard Greek question.

    Overall the new addon offers some really good improvements: army(siege, recon), higher costs for nearly everything, battles more important, crises for whole states
    with only a few negative sides: useless AI dominions, the "pops are the best ressource" got even more important, fast westernisation progress (nearly every unciv was civilized around 1900), colonizing is still massively exploitable also the AI didn't value states very good - much more action in the Pacific race than in Africa.
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    Continuation of my Arabia game. Germany helped me beat up France for their own and the Ottoman's African provinces, Spain fell to communists making them isolated enough to take kick out of Africa and reverse the reconquista.


    Italy, Spain and Portugal are Communist. France is a socialist HMS government. Yes, that is an AI Greater Germany.


    China broke but is somehow still a GP (while Russia isn't) despite being unable to annex a single one of the warlords due to them allying with each other.
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    Gah I hate that "Mod Approval" thingy... I accidentally posted twice
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    Nice Arabia, I'm currently in a Egypt>Arabia game which I might post on this thread.

    Anyways here's my unfinished Sindh empire.

    It's year 1859, and I'm still uncivilized.
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    So first out heres my Panjab>India Game, Crisis really didnt help me out at all because of that stupid 0.5 modifier the number 1 great power gets. Getting free RP by conquest though made whats usually a complete borefest for about 40 years in to something actually enjoyable and fast!

    This is my latest Sweden>Scandinavian empire, nothing to weird happened in this game except for France getting totally butchered by containment wars. Seems like HoD's economy makes it a bit harder to just completely wreck Russia as Scandinavia as is usually my game plan as Scandinavia.
    I had to help Germany form by releasing Schleswig and tag switching to Prussia in order to declare war, i also had to start the french war for them (humilation war and then Prussia added Lorraine as a goal). From my last two games the AI seems really bad at forming Germany without player intervention.

    Timelines were extended for both games because of Great wars that i really wanted to see through.

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    I wanted to make my India game, but Portugal keeps releasing it at day did you stop them from doing it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luchofeio View Post
    I wanted to make my India game, but Portugal keeps releasing it at day did you stop them from doing it?
    I used the "Change owner" cheat on goa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luchofeio View Post
    I wanted to make my India game, but Portugal keeps releasing it at day did you stop them from doing it?
    beat up portugal, annex india xd?

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    If you annex India, there still can't be another India. Same with Italy, if you refuse to join when someone else forms the union.
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    I'm trying to form Poland-Lithuania but Krakow is completely broken with the new crisis mechanics. Poland asked for independance 3 times from Russia and now it keeps launching crisis for independance from me... And since to form P-L i have to grab cores from Germany, Russia and Austria, I'll let you imagine in what kind of trouble I've been.

    Interesting facts: neither Italia or Austria are GP. And we had an interesting First World War (we have won thanks not to me):

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gzav8 View Post

    Well, it should'nt have happend like this... The first 3 CB I've justified got me almost full BB, then I went crazy since no GP would move even if I cut through their spherelings. It is stil early game so I'm thinking about Persia...Ottoman Empire... Austria ?
    Have you westernized?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PdoxNewbie View Post
    Have you westernized?
    Yes since conquest give Research Points now, in 1850ish tho

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