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Thread: Post Your Heart of Darkness Empire!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silentzo View Post
    Glorious Paraguay
    "Nothing has ever come from the south. The axis of history begins in Moscow, goes to Bonn, crosses over to Washington and then goes on to Tokyo. What occurs in the southern world is not important. It is not worth the time."

    - Henry Kissinger to the Chilean minister of foreign affairs Gabriel Valdés, 1969

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    Just finished off a game I was playing alongside the Transvaal game. I released Australia and started out as a satellite rather than independent. I became a great power mostly thanks to prestige in 1869, and quickly conquered Brunei and Atjeh and went from there. I took Kyushu from Japan fairly late on after they lost great power status, in order to weaken them enough so they wouldn't regain it. I had Korea, Phillipines, Cambodia, Luang Prabang, Peru and Chile in my sphere at the end

    A few colours of countries have been modded, so that's Belgium in Belgium for example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orlov Kruskayev View Post
    Glorious Paraguay
    Lol, I think they got all that because Bolivia used to be spread all over South America before getting cut down to size.

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    this is the start of my new HOD empire.

    I must say it's a rather big hassle getting Hedjaz conquered without Ottoman interference but hey.. this is the game i set myself up for. I really will likely just burn off infamy and try to work on my literacy.. or i may start over to try and escape with a stronger core military

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silentzo View Post
    The Dutch Empire, 1936.

    That's a really nice empire!
    Even the Chinese part looks good IMO for once. I would have traded Cyrenaica for Taiwan but it still looks good.

    And congrats on the Netherlands, it seems to be an interesting country to play as and I will certainly do so
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    France 1337-1936: 599 Years of Bordergore

    Trigger Warning: Bordergore is pretty intense herein.

    This was my first Victoria 2 full playthrough (played several games but always quit once I was firmly in first place and had beaten the second nation in a great war), and it was also one of my first full CK2 and EU4 playthroughs.

    I started as the Duchess of Aquitaine (created character) in 1337, formed Francia (and fluked into adding Portugal into the empire) right before hitting EU4 timeline, at which point I went almost full colonization focus, especially in the Americas. My engagements in Europe were limited to an occasional colonial war, fighting for personal unions, and the occasional ass-kicking of Austria, you know, for fun. All the while I nibbled away Catalonia from Spain, took Northern Italy for myself, and had been drawn into conquering pieces of England (which fell apart in CK2 and never formed properly, with about three counties belonging to the HRE by 1444). I also PU'd and incorporated Naples, most of Scandinavia, Ireland, Scotland and Jerusalem. Then, at the end I decided to push myself and declared war on what was left of Europe. The result being the dissolution of the HRE, vassalizing most of the smaller 2-5 province territories (including Bohemia and Bavaria), and inserting myself into the heart of Germany.

    The actual Victoria 2 era was interesting because Holstein, the former Emperor and largest remaining German-ish state, sphered and consolidated about ten tiny states at the very start of the game and formed into the mess of Germany you see below. The Byzantines (who also survived and prospered this whole time) were another natural enemy - to the point that I had to take about five states from them before they lost enough population and prestige to drop to secondary status. They never recovered. The rest of the game was fixing my own internal bordergore - I owned only about two thirds of England at the start of the game, and had a bunch of Germany spread all within the French Empire. The result being the release of every major colonial holding I had into dominions - only way to burn that much infamy. By 1936 six of the top sixteen nations were either myself or a former colony, with three Great Nations (and a fourth, Les Antilles, recently knocked out in a Great War they lost to their homeland). Everything non-Spanish & non-German you see in North America was once a part of France. Anyways, enough rambling, prepare yourself for two conversions worth of bordergore. Although Asia actually came out quite nicely, with the exception of the island nations.

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    First completed Vicky 2 game. Stayed allies with Prussia/Germany all game, later had a triple alliance with Italy last 30-40 years and picked on Russia, France, UK when they got too big. I don't understand my low military score, as it got to nearly 300 then just dropped during the late 1910s, so I assume it had to do with socialists taking power.

    I was admittedly on easy difficulty all game but I'm satisfied with how it turned out. I finished the game by constantly pounding Mexico for states and eating infamy without caring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ggggtotalwarrio View Post
    First completed Vicky 2 game. Stayed allies with Prussia/Germany all game, later had a triple alliance with Italy last 30-40 years and picked on Russia, France, UK when they got too big. I don't understand my low military score, as it got to nearly 300 then just dropped during the late 1910s, so I assume it had to do with socialists taking power.

    I was admittedly on easy difficulty all game but I'm satisfied with how it turned out. I finished the game by constantly pounding Mexico for states and eating infamy without caring.
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    And here's one for RoI.
    One that converts to EU4.
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    Oh lol I completely forgot.

    The game started with me fighting the Mexican-American War after actually looking online and finding out how to add war goals. After a couple decisive victories I occupied all of Mexico but unfortunately had the problem of not being able to annex one, which I believe was Nevada-Utah. I had been adding most states as slave because I had read something that made me believe it could allow me to avoid the Civil War if I got Northern consciousness high enough and kept southern consciousness low. I ended up fighting all from California to Virginia, but since I hadn't developed the south and got rid of all southern units upon realizing the war was inevitable, the war was a siege fest and other than a few battles I finished it within two years (1860-62). Then, I finished off taking my core state from Mexico and began focusing on industry by researching lots of cultural tech. Afterwards, I got the Alaska decision and colonized Northern Canada and had become a great power, so I began spreading lots of influence and over several years sphered almost all of South America and made some investments right before the liberals took power around 1870. I also forced through all reforms ASAP to attract massive amounts of immigrants. From that point I decided to attack the Dutch for Guyana because the Scramble for Africa was starting and I didn't want to get shut out. I had just allied Prussia and we beat down the Dutch (who somehow immediately allied and called in Spain), so while they were getting their continental armies destroyed I sent a fleet from the west coast and took Indonesian possessions while another army took Cuba. However, because the war lasted so long, within only a few years I missed out entirely on the Scramble for Africa.

    Achieving my first war goal allowed easy escalation and Prussia's battle victories allowed me to claim all three occupied territories with huge infamy. I then got spammed by an event lowering infamy, with either the option of -2 infamy and prestige or -3 and I took the latter option every time. IDK if that was a bug or WAD because of the difficulty but it prevented my infamy from getting too high. As the 1880s approached I took the historical route and freed Panama from the only non-Sphere SA nation of Colombia and built the Panama Canal. I also took Siam and was now bordering the Japanese colonies in Southeast Asia. When the first Great War happened, I sided with Prussia, Russia and Britain and I was able to take French Somalia which I had been trying to justify war for anyway. I also stole Japanese Vietnam alongside Netherlands and Austria was completely broken by combined forces of Russia and Prussia. Only a couple years later, the second Great war occurred and I island hopped to take Northern Japan and part of Russia as China spammed Russia's steppe armies and along with Scandinavia as Germany held off France for me to take their colonies in Guayana and Africa. Around this time I used wars to annex Ethiopia and lost my relations with Liberia when they became the world's first communist dictatorship, later replaced by Anarco-Liberals and finally Fascist dictatorships. As the 1900s approached I annexed the Dominican which split from Haiti, then Haiti. The last Great War occured and I took more of French Africa while Germany and Russia finally crippled Austria-Hungary from occasional GP/usual SP to #30, the UK was forced to liberate British Columbia and Ireland (which it later made a puppet anyway), and China swallowed some lands Russia had previously taken, along with Italy (formerly Two Sicilies) taking chunks of Austria.

    After this war, me, Germany and Italy had a permanent alliance the last 30-40 years that was basically unopposed. From that point I focused on my economy, briefly somehow had conservative retake the government only to be immediately kicked out by Socialists, industrialized most of my Pacific possessions that became states (basically just Japan and Russia), imperialised the hell out of my colonies, played the wild card in global politics by keeping everyone who got too powerful in line and became the leading economy from huge immigration numbers (I maxed out reforms by riskily pushing through the non-leading movements and then pushing through movements with really high radicalism). I'm surprised France finished as high as they did, as they were on a few occasions (first two Great Wars and a crisis war before that) completely occupied. I noticed throughout the end game their entire colonial possessions were occupied by Anarcho-Liberals. The UK recovered form its losses and became as big a thorn in my side as every but were still unable to do anything from fear of Germany and Italy's military strength. I then annexed communist British Columbia and spent the last 15 years constantly annexing single regions from Mexico, fighting 4 Mexican-American Wars just because I was bored and I could. Oh and my first ally, the USCA, became Communist and suddenly betrayed me via some event giving me a CB so I annexed some land from them as well. We'd been bros since the 1840s and them betraying me pissed me off so I wouldn't let them off that easily. I also annexed Liberia mainly becuase the fatc it was the only non-colonized part of the map pissed me off. As soon as I began colonizing the rest all other nations that had waited like 40 years decided to as well, but the alliance with Germany and Italy (and at the time #8 China) allowed me to win the Crisis without warfare.

    It the end they all caught up due to huge military scores while mine dropped a lot (no idea how or why), as my score went form 300 to 150 while theirs all went from 200-400 to like 1200 in the last few years. I assume it was due to me becoming socialist and them getting a ton of new OP tech I had invented (tanks, airplanes), but I myself wasn't getting much score from my armies at only about 20 for around 600 units. I still had such high prestige and industry that it didn't matter, and I remained number one, even above the now huge Germany who was the only nation I hadn't attempted to keep in check at some point.

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    Your Grosse America looks pretty good but your blob in Amur is making me cry. I believe if you have a socialist government that isn't pro-war your military score will naturally drop, no matter your troop pool.

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    Well I was planning on taking the area either to the south or east to make it better but Russia recovered too quickly militarily and screwed my plans.

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