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    This dev diary got a bit late due to vacations and me coming back to work thinking this dd was going up next monday and not two days ago. Currently slightly less than half the team is out getting some of that precious sun we get so little of during the rest of the year and the rest of us are working hard on getting the builds we're taking to Gamescom in Cologne as ready as can be.
    In contrast with the warm summer weather that we're enjoying on the northern hemisphere right now, this dev diary will take you to ice cold Jotunheim. Bon voyage!
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    1. Runemaster
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    Hi everyone!
    Welcome to the 4th developer diary for Runemaster. Today we will delve deep in the trait system, since you can’t have a role-playing game without traits and attributes. RPGs can take a number of different approaches to defining what kind of person the main character is. In some games, there is little choice in how your character acts, in others you can be either good or bad, and in some you have to decide on personality yourself and then make sure you act it out because the game light let you switch at any given moment. In Runemaster, however, we want the personality of your character to be formed by the decisions you make throughout the game.

    Your choices have a direct impact on your quests

    Runemaster is an RPG with an element of emergent storytelling, so our goal is to have the choices you make directly impact the quests you can embark on. The game’s procedural quest system will take note of your deeds and challenge you accordingly. The way you act determines not only what type of person you are, but also what personality traits you develop and what quests you get in future. (Would you hire a bloodthirsty murderer to save a wagonload of orphans?) One of the cornerstones of every Paradox Development Studio game is replayability, and the personality traits combined with the quest system will play a huge part in making every playthrough different.
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    1. March of the Eagles

    March of the Eagles Patch 1.02 is now live on Steam!

    Old save games should be completely compatible.


    - ships can now be captured
    - ship damage and morale tweaked
    - blockade lowers local ship repair speed
    - naval landings are slower

    - leaders need to travel to new assignments
    - leader traits can have a certain unit type as requirement
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    1. March of the Eagles

    Patch 1.01 is now live on Steam!
    Old save games should be completely compatible.

    - Intercept works when moving to the province.
    - No merging of wars.
    - Changed retreat to have maximum days.
    - userdir.txt can now be used to set user directory (ie settings and save games)
    - Added minimize button to single unit panel.
    - low morale units cannot move into hostile provinces
    - Added disable sound and music separate and just not disable master.
    - Added weather effect on island fortress.
    - Flanks that flee during first hours of combat take more casualties

    - Mod system from CK2
    - Fixed faulty mod file handling.
    - Fixed mod savegame paths.

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    1. Dev diaries
    2. March of the Eagles

    Now that March of the Eagles is released, we want to summarize our thoughts in a post-mortem developer diary!

    As you all know, March of the Eagles is something quite different compared to our titles. Early on we had an idea of what we wanted to create. We wanted to create a wargame. Not just any wargame, but a wargame that would be a real cutthroat in multiplayer and a game that should have set victory conditions and limited time-frame to make the experience more intense.

    Why did we want this, you might ask? We wanted a different kind of game and a different kind of gameplay experience for all you gamers. We all love our grand strategy titles, rest assure, but even as grand strategy fans – sometimes you want to play and win, you want to play and see results and you want to challenge your friends, create alliances or just backstab them in gruesome ways in a shorter timeframe. ...
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    1. Dev diaries
    2. March of the Eagles

    “An army marches on its stomach.”
    Napoleon Bonaparte

    Welcome to the March of the Eagles developer diary and today we talk about one of the most vital factors in winning a war: Food. Soldiers are hungry bastards. Soldiers want food. Soldiers fight better if they get food. Soldiers like you more if you give them food. If you don´t give them food, they might run away since they are hungry and grumpy and want to go home. And don´t give them just cookies, OK? A diet of tiny sweets will not get you closer to Moscow.

    Every soldier marches on his stomach. Your soldiers need food and equipment, commonly known as supplies in March of the Eagles. Supplies are essential to keep a war going, especially if there are signs that it will drag on – like Napoleon’s wars did. If you run out of supplies, you reinforcement rate is lowered and troops will regain their morale more slowly. The lower your army’s morale, the more soldiers are likely to desert from battles and, of course fewer battles are won. ...