• Europa Universalis IV 1.11.1 and 1.11.2 Hotfix changelogs - Current checksum 4dee

    EDIT: Updated hotfix to 1.11.2 with a couple more fixes:
    - Fixed revolutionary tricolors being all-white
    - Splitting off a siege stack no longer puts general in the wrong stack
    - Another fix to try and force clients who could not see Women in History to download the files

    Fixes from 1.11.1:
    - Doubled horde gold & tradition gain from looting.
    - The Women in History DLC should now show up correctly in the launcher for everyone.
    - Fixed various minor issues with dynasties, triggers and duplicate characters in the Women in History events.
    - Ships no longer show manpower needed in reinforcement tooltip when not modded to cost manpower.
    - remove_opinion and reverse_remove_opinion effects now work again.
    - Random New World no longer crashes on start.
    - Naval exploration slowed down. There's a new define SEA_EXPLORE_SPEED to control this.
    - Treasure fleet tooltip will be immediately updated on tag change rather than at month's end, to prevent confusion.
    - Fixed wrong custom colors for units after loading save game.
    - Fixed male heirs sometimes getting female names in Custom Nations.
    - Fixed Colonial nations of custom nations ruled by a succession of regency councils.
    - Fixed CTD when creating client states from Custom or Dynamic Nations.
    - Fixed assigning merchant to main trading port removes caravan trade power.
    - Fixed Detach Siege can remove general if detaching army was too small.
    - Fixed wrong custom colors for units after loading save game.
    - Fixed Dynamic nations losing all flag colors after save (colors will be randomized if loading a save created before the fix).
    - Natives can no longer rise up in uncolonized provinces taken by custom nation.
    - Fixed a bug that was preventing the AI from exploring ocean provinces.
    - Fixed a bug where female advisors would not be correctly saved as female on saving & reloading.
    - Fixed meso/south american theologians having Western portraits
    - Added missing localization for colonial nation names.
    - Tweaked army tradition gain so that you gain some tradition even from crushing victories (you still get more for more even battles though)
    - Fixed some cases where liberty desire still did not show on topbar for subjects.
    - Fixed some missing localisations for colonial nations.

    Furthermore, Tunis must be destroyed.
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