• IMPORTANT! Upcoming new forum platform!

    Hi guys!

    The future is upon us! Through out the years vBulletin has served us well! Time has come for change however, and in two weeks we will be moving over to be using Xenforo instead. We've planned for about a week where the forum will be running on less than optimal grounds due to us having to tweak things, correct bugs etc. We ask for your patience and understanding during this time! We plan for this to happen the week between the 16th and 20th of March 2015!

    The new forum will come with a bunch of new features (of which we may remove/disable any at any time should they prove to not work out well) such as:
    - Developer post filtering (you can filter a thread to only show the developer posts in there)
    - Post and thread tagging/rating to help you find what you seek faster!
    - Improved account handling. We will move over to be using only Paradox Accounts which will make things run a lot smoother as today's double account system is cause for much dismay and confusion (Don't worry! You will appear exactly like you did on these forums still. Same display name, post count, registration date etc)
    - Much improved mobile compatibility
    ...and more!

    How will this affect you?
    - You will have to merge your forum account with a Paradox Account! We ask you to do it before we move to the new forums for an easier time for both you and us! You will still be given the same opportunities in the new forums if you didn't merge your account in time. To encourage this we will soon be removing the old login method and trigger everyone to be asked to merge once more.

    During the transition phase:
    - We will be keeping this old forum open in parallel during the transition phase. Please note that any posts made after March-16 on this forum will not be available on/copied to the new forum. We intend to keep the old forum open only to be able to communicate with you.
    The stages will be:
    1. This forum stops saving new posts/edits
    2. The new forum appears on forum.paradoxplaza.com - it will look very similar to the old ones using the Deep Blue Edited skin (the most commonly used one)
    3. The old forums will still be available, still in no saving mode on another domain that will be communicated to you
    4. When we are confident the new forum works properly we will put the old ones in a read only state. They will still be accessible on a URL communicated later, but only to read. No new posts can be made.

    Please note that you will keep the same forum name and PM restrictions on the new forums! No need to ask about that. Maybe it will change at some point, but not right away.

    Thank you!

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