• Hearts of Iron IV - Hands-on previews from PDXCon15

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    Here is the list of Hearts of Iron IV hands-on previews from Pdxcon15, enjoy
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    Hearts of Iron IV - Hands-on previews from PDXCon15:

    Redeeming the Third Reich (or not) in Hearts of Iron 4/IGN
    ”Even having only played for a couple hours, Hearts of Iron 4 is already one of those games I think about in my spare moments. Modern warfare on this scale has never been so finely modeled while still being relatively accessible and logistically forgiving.

    Hearts of Iron 4 is shaping up to make "The Good War" a great one/PCGamesN
    ”...it was a tremendous first act, and, considering I was managing one of the largest economies and complex war machines in the 20th century, a surprisingly elegant and intuitive experience. Hearts of Iron 4 did a great job of making sure I knew what I could do and why I might want to do it, so that I was always free to focus on figuring out exactly what I should do. And that’s exactly what a game like this is all about.

    Hands On: Hearts Of Iron IV - The best laid plans/Rock Paper Shotgun
    "In less than an hour, I prevented World War II by screwing up the invasion of Poland so efficiently that the French army had marched into Berlin by 1938. I’d been following scripted historical goals – y’know, remilitarising the Rhineland, the Anschluss, the kind of to-do list that caused me to wince everytime I glanced at it – but had jumped the gun somewhat, declaring war before my troops were fully prepared. In the final moments, the French invasion on the Western Front was pushing my troops back faster than I could push into the East."

    Hearts of Iron IV hands-on preview: I would make a horrible Hitler/PCWorld
    ”The bottom line is: It's Hearts of Iron. It's a hardcore World War II sim for people who presumably love Band of Brothers and early-2000s History Channel, who maybe own an M1 Garand and have read Stalingrad multiple times. It's not light and endearing in the same way as Crusader Kings II, nor is it the slow dance of monarchs that is Europa Universalis IV. It's war, war, and more war. A Great War, if you will.”

    Nick Horth has a heart of iron, but a brain of damp cotton wool/Gamewatcher
    ”If Hearts of Iron 4 can effectively juggle all those different systems (and if the new battle plan system can avoid automating too much of the combat), then it could be the game that sets the franchise on equal footing with Paradox’s heavy hitters.”

    Rewriting The Second World War With Hearts Of Iron IV Fools rush in./The Sixth Axis
    ”There’s an incredible degree of depth to the game that will be almost baffling to a newcomer – hence my abject failure to conquer Poland – and yet, for me there’s a distinct appeal to the grand scope and scale of waging these wars.”

    What it's like playing as Hitler in Hearts of Iron 4/Eurogamer
    ”Hearts of Iron 4 is all about guiding a nation of your choice through the period of the Second World War. Events are likely, but not certain, to take a course similar to that of history. I decide one of the better things I can do is form a non-aggression pact with Sweden. As a surprisingly pretty sunset rolls across western Europe, my soldiers stare longingly into France, dreaming of what could be.”

    Förhandstitt: Hearts of Iron IV / FZ
    ”Och bättre ska det bli – inte ens på detta tidiga stadium råder det något tvekan om Hearts of Iron IV har möjligheten att kunna flörta med både kompletta noobs och gamla inbitna veteraner. Det är inte heller någon tvekan om att jag tillhör den första kategorin: jag lyckades aldrig få igång något krig mot Polen, utan får vänta tills efter release innan jag utkräver min rättmätiga hämnd.”

    Hearts of Iron 4 – Provato/Everyeye.it

    Hearts of Iron 4 – Provato/Spaziogames.it

    Preview Hearts Of Iron 4 : plus question de laisser les Sudètes?

    Angespielt: Hearts of Iron 4/GamersGlobal
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