• Paradox Extra wants YOU!

    Or well, perhaps, if you fit the demographic we're looking for...

    Paradox Interactive's new YouTube project Paradox Extra (work in progress name) is looking to recruit fans and skilled content creators from our community. This is a new startup / pilot project spearheaded by yours truly, aiming to create more a fan-incorporating channel where we give you frequent (and repeated!) high quality content that is less market-y and more YouTube-y. Yes, very few of the things I said are real words, but hey, hopefully you still understood me!

    What kind of stuff am I talking about? Well, for example we're thinking about Let's Plays for yet-to-be-released PDX games, Paradox staff / fan spotlights, sketches and most importantly ideas and projects conjured by our community. The latter is why I am writing this message today.

    We are looking for people that find themselves in one or more of these categories.
    • Animator (2D or 3D) with experience in Flash or similar software
    • Sound producer (optimally has experience working with mastering voice samples)
    • Active AAR writers, humor / quirkiness is a big bonus here! (If you've written an amazing AAR already, send it over! Older games are definitely applicable here, so it's a great way for you to get your friends playing PDX games )
    • YouTubers (or if you know of a small / mid sized such that could be interesting, feel free to inform me!)
    • Streamers
    • Fans with ideas they have always wanted to do but only make up one piece of the puzzle and need help
    • Paradoxians that read this post and think "Hey, I've got an idea that I would love to be seen, even though I lack the ability to do it myself I think I should share it!"
    • ??? (basically, if you think I have left out something, please contact me).

    Consider yourself applicable? PM me here on Plaza or send me an email at john.rickne@paradoxplaza.com and we'll start talking! There will not be any monetary compensation in store for the early stages, but eternal glory and a chance to work up close and personal with us at Paradox - also to see your dream project realized or take part in a professional production process.

    I look forward to seeing what you guys and gals have in store

    Added note 17/9/2014:

    We'll evaluate all projects on a case-by-case basis when it comes to potential monetization. If we start a series and it turns out to be popular to the point of putting ads on it making sense, then of course we will be open for that discussion with all involved parties. We'd love for our content creators to be able to use it as a source of revenue, but promising that when we're in a pilot stage would be silly Although exceptions may still happen here, especially if the involved content creators are professionals and we can see potential in the project even before it has been launched and tried. Basically; we're open for discussion.

    We're also open for other suggestions on how to make it a positive relationship for everyone involved, such as co-operating with your personal channel (cross posting videos or similar things).

    End of note

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