• Runemaster - Dev Diary 24 - World: Svartalfheim

    Runemaster - Dev Diary 24 - World: Svartalfheim

    Another busy week has gone, and a new one appears before us. After a long summer with lots of ice cream, sunny days and more thunder than Sweden has ever seen, we realised that we need to continue with the biweekly dev diaries instead of one every week. Hopefully you will have enough questions to last between each dev diary!

    It is time to speak about one of the worlds in Runemaster - Svartalfheim!

    The Races of Svartalfheim
    Svartalfheim is named for the Darkelfs that inhabit the world; it translates to "the home of the Dark elf". Dwarfs and Darkelfs grudgingly share this world but the races are not fond of each other and wars are common between them.

    The Dwarfs are known for their blacksmithing, especially weapons and armor and these skills have seen them grow rather rich from trade of their military equipment for other resources, such as foodstuff and materials scarce in Svartalfheim, like wood and leather.

    Dwarfs live in beautiful chambers and corridors carved into the solid rock where they make their home. Their lives are strenuous and hazardous, which means that the average dwarven lifespan can be very short. But, if they survive the hardships of mining and smithing, a Dwarf can live for a very long time. They are the most skilled blacksmiths, and mine their mountains for precious metals and stones to use for their tools, weapons and armor.

    Darkelfs are known for their backstabbing, their plotting, their devious ways and decadent lifestyle. They revel in all known pleasures and are known to go to great lengths in order to ensure that they have what they want. Forgotten by the gods, buried deep beneath the earth in Svartalfheim, the Darkelfs have little time and little esteem for the gods.

    The Darkelfs' compact castles are carved from the rock and look as if they have been swallowed by a mountain, with only doors, windows, balconies and bridges visible among the rubble of rock. Each of the Darkelf castles contains several hundred Darkelfs, and as its population grows, so does the castle. The lower in rank a Darkelf is, the lower the floor where she or he lives. The Darkelf rulers depend on slaves for their decadent living and do not lack anything. Most of them never leave their castles and let their warriors and servants act in their behalf.

    The Creation of the Worlds
    Svartalfheim was the last world to be created, and it was mostly made of the leftovers from the creation of the rest of the worlds. The parts of Ymir that Odin and his brothers hadnít used were placed underneath Yggdrasil, to serve as nourishment for it. The intestines, scraps of flesh, fat and organs that ended up there became Svartalfheim, and the Darkelfs and Dwarfs that took residence there found that the walls of their new world was shot through with minerals, ores and gems.

    The Climate and Creatures of Svartalfheim
    The world is dark, buried deep beneath the roots of Yggdrasil and the Sun never shines on the creatures who live there. It is a hostile world, with many dangerous creatures and few plants that can thrive there. Svartalfheim can provide the races with food and drink, although it is smelly and foul tasting. There are no seasons in Svartalfheim, and time is not easily measured there. Dwarfs and Darkelfs have learnt to live with this, and developed a kind of internal clock to have some sort of days and nights in order to keep everyone in the same zone.

    Svartalfheim has unique flora and fauna; there are creatures and plants here that cannot be found in any other world. There are some animals that have managed to find their way into Svartalfheim, such as wolves and spiders, but there are very few if any herbivores that can survive in this hostile environment. Mushrooms and root vegetables grow in abundance, olms can be found crawling on every surface and fish can be caught from underground lakes.

    Pre-Alpha Screenshots:

    These are very early screenshots of Svartalfheim and there is still lot of work to be done on the world, please keep that in mind.

    We will return with a new dev diary in two weeks time! Until then, please let us know what you think about our game, discuss what kind of music, quests, battles and whatnot that you would like to see. We always try to answer your questions, and are delighted when we see that you find our game exciting by asking questions and being active on this forum.
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