• Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India - Dev Diary 3 - Indian Events and Decisions

    Hi everyone!

    I'm Tobias Bodlund, also known as The Witch-King on the forums. I work as a scripter on the Crusader Kings II team and I will be giving you this weeks' dev diary!

    Today we're going to talk about events. You will find that not only do many interesting things happen in India - they are also often different to the things that happen in Europe and the Middle East. When expanding the game east into Asia, one of the things we wanted to do was to properly give that feeling of being on a new continent, in a different part of the world. New lands, new events - not in Kansas anymore (more close to Karnataka, in fact).

    Obviously we've worked hard to provide a different environment and flavor through things such as the mechanics surrounding the new religions etc, but an important part of Crusader Kings II has always been the various random events than occur, and we have a bunch of new ones for India. The many new events include several longer chains of linked events, of the kind that tells smaller stories within the grander story of your dynasty. We also have a number of minor random events as well as events connected to the new feast and hunt decisions.

    Decisions, yes... we are adding a number of new decisions specific to India. For one, there are the religious conversion decisions mentioned in a previous dev diary, but you will also be able to convert to the religion of a spouse under certain conditions, just like in other parts of the world. Hindu characters will also be allowed to choose their personal patron deity, it's a choice that in some cases may open up interesting options. The Indian cultural decisions include the traditional autumn feast Diwali (or the Kali Puja for those so inclined), with associated events. There is also the tiger hunt, which is a social occasion as well as a possibility for display of martial prowess.

    Oh, and the gurus of course. You may invite a guru to reside at your court if you are prepared to risk getting some good advice. And strange yogis may appear when you least expect and have interesting things to say.

    As far as the things you do see, we've put in a lot of work, but there has also been a lot of "invisible" work with this expansion. One thing we've had to do, for example, is go through all the events in the game and adapt triggers to make sure that things which shouldn't happen in India don't. It's a completely different world in the east, so there are a number of things that should definitely not appear there.
    Well, that's what I had to say about events and decisions right now. The screenshots give a few illustrations of the kind of things you can expect (note that it's still early days for graphics so the event pictures, portaits and unit models are not the final ones).

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