• Paradox Development Studio Advent Calendar #17: Alexivan

    PDS is happy to present:
    My name is: Alexander Ivannikov
    My forum nick is: Alexivan
    At Paradox development studio I work as: Programmer.
    So what do I do, really Ė what does that mean? Half my time I fix bugs other programmers have made, the other half I introduce more bugs into the system.
    I have worked on: Only CK2, I'm new.
    Right now I'm working on: Enhancing the multiplayer functionality and playability for CK2.
    My best game ever and why I like it(that I did not create): There are so many. Not mentioning PDS games, I would suggest checking out The Guild 2 and OpenTTD.
    My best moment at Paradox Development Studio: The day I got hired, never thought I'd get hired into a large gaming company right after finishing university.
    My favorite game on the PDS Friday beer: "The resistance", great game, so exciting, much fun.
    My personal motto is: Relax, take it easy, get it well done.
    My kryptonite is: Seeing poorly written code makes me hurt.
    Little known fact about Paradox Development Studio: In CK2, if you don't mind cheating there's a console command to modify your characters age. You can use this command to make your character virtually immortal, allowing for some unique and interesting gameplay.

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