• Paradox Development Studio Advent Calendar #1

    Rejoice, the holiday spirit is spreading all through the office of Paradox Development Studio,
    and now we are very happy to invite you to count down the days til Christmas together with us!

    Each day we'll give you a small glimpse of our world and introduce you to a member of the team, so you can get to know us devs at PDS
    Cheers, regina

    PDS is happy to present:
    My name is: Henrik Fåhraeus
    My forum nick is: Doomdark
    At Paradox development studio I work as: Project Lead, Game Designer and Senior Programmer
    So what do I do, really – what does that mean: I split my time between programming, project management and game design. These days I have less time for programming though, since I'm heading two projects (the next secret CKII expansion and... something even more secret.)
    I have worked on: All of our games to varying degrees, except the original EU, Crown of the North and March of the Eagles. That list is likely to get longer though, since PDS has grown so much and we're working on many parallel projects (I barely had anything to do with EU IV). I also led the development of several expansions (for EU3, EU: Rome and HoI3.) My most significant efforts are probably HoI (design and AI), HoI 2 (co-design and AI) and Crusader Kings II (design, project management, and gameplay programming.)
    Right now I´m working on: A secret game, and a secret expansion for CKII
    My best game ever and why I like it: Last year I said UFO: Enemy Unknown, so this year I'll go with a really old classic; The Lords of Midnight. The very idea of making a character based, panoramic first person(!) strategy game back in 1984, for a computer with 48K RAM was mind-blowing, really. Mike Singleton's genius remains a great inspiration to me and it was a tragedy when he passed away last year.
    If I was a game character, I would be: The Avatar, from the Ultima games, working towards higher ideals, trying to improve both yourself as a person and the state of the world around you.
    My personal motto is: Abusus non tollit usum
    My hobbies include: Scuba Diving, Reading and playing computer games.
    And out of the 7 deadly sins, I am definitely guilty of: Pride and Lust
    Little known fact about a Paradox Development Studio game: Paradox Development Studio's very own PR Manager Boel “Regina” Bermann recently got her first novel published; "The New Man" (it's great, read it!), which inspired me to write a sort of Easter egg event chain for Crusader Kings II: Sons of Abraham. It's very rare to see it happen, and you need to play as a non-Pagan, but if you've seen the movie Omen you'll know what's going on...

    You can read about that event chain here: From Holy Kingdom to Unholy nightmare

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