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    1. Crusader Kings

    Hey guys! Several major issues stamped out in this one. Sorry for any problems these might have given to people. Now get back in there and have fun. There's also some converter changes thrown in to fix some minor details. Here's the patch notes for 2.3.1
    - Fixed bug where vassal levies could not always be dismissed.
    - Fixed crash issue on Linux when the AI tried to build settlements.

    - Temple successors now get their liege's religion rather than their top liege's
    - Rebalanced seduction to make it harder to seduce the spouses of great rulers
    - AI: Reduced seduction craze a bit
    - Seduction: increased risk of scandal
    - Adjusted default message settings to reduce spam
    - Fixed a grammar variable bug in event WoL.201
    - Fixed a bug with event WoL.3050 happening for a single character only
    - Fixed a bug with event 63103, where vassals of vassals could go independent with Elective Gavelkind succession
    - Reduced the Catholic Holy Order regiments in size
    - Fixed a minor issue with the court where some newborn bastards ended up
    - Fixed text bug in event WoL.11000, which referred to the recipient rather than the actor
    - Better tooltips in the event options for WoL.11000
    - Better tooltips in event WoL.11006
    - Fixed some problems with the 'inbred' trait calculations
    - Added 'real_fathers' console command
    - Added missing text EVTOPTA_WOL_415
    - Fixed bug where the culture group trigger and religion group trigger did not properly check against other characters, making Indian Subjugation wars impossible to use.
    - Christian pilgrim events now check for character's capital location rather than current location when checking for available destinations.
    - Fixed a bug with the WoL scholarship events where an event might start repeating incorrectly.
    - Fixed a faulty text tag reference in a Carousing boardgame event.
    - Cooldown for Carousing is now visible in tooltip.
    - Fixed a bug where characters could sometimes get both the Bastard and Legitimate Bastard traits.
    - Heliopolis is now a temple holding instead of a city holding.
    - Moved Kabul Zunist holy site to Nagarahara temple holding (in the same province).
    - Moved Multan Zunist holy site to Mulasthana temple holding (in the same province).
    - Updated faulty localisation function in the last event of the business focus trade route chain
    - Fixed a crash when hovering an option in the event that let's you end the rivalry of a converted Christian
    - Hungary should now get a crown authority law when forming from the Magyar decision
    - The form Hungary decision no longer creates exponential amounts of troops
    - Reworked Holmgang events to use personal combat skill rather than martial skill
    - Reduced mean time to happen for Holmgang if you have War focus
    - Fixed a rare case when duels could break
    - Duels now potentially give the kinslayer trait
    - Shortened the text of one outcome of duels to avoid long names making the text too large for the event window

    - Fixed an error with change_variable for titles

    - Fixed outdated modifiers in special national ideas, all global revolt risk has been changed to global unrest modifiers
    - Fixed the four missing province mappings in eastern europe
    - Added unique modifiers to some christian heresies
    - Made sure to update the colors of all heresies to their CK2 variant of color
    - Fixed so messalian and nestorian are converted correctly.
    - Added proper icons for norse personal deities
    - Arabic cultures now map to their corresponding one in EU4
    - Steppe cultures now part of same culture group as turkish
    - Moved visigothic to iberian culture group

    Quick hotfix out already! Patch notes for 2.3.2 Hotfix
    - Fixed so you can build holdings again

    - Fixed the break-up interaction with your lovers.

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    1. Europa Universalis

    So here it is, the next patch for Europa Universalis IV.
    Not the first and by no means the last, happy conquering!

    - Annexing or integrating another country now makes you take over all their dependencies as well.
    - Navies retreating now pick closest port with naval distance, not the shortest how birds fly.
    - East India Traderoute triggered modifier is now available for americans and africans, and is no longer limited by <30% mercantilism.. effect is now +5% trade income.
    - You can now collect trade in any node. Not that its a good idea to do it where you don't have fleet bases.
    - Greatly improved AI for returning home when in exile
    - Greatly improved naval invasion AI
    - Replacing War Subsidies with Subsidies that can be used at any time, for longer durations of time
    - Fixed the infamous 26-player lobby crash
    - If a player in MP is at war, a war-icon will be shown at that players name in the outliner.
    - Added DLC-icons to the frontend like the once in CK2.
    - Vasselize missions now give a cb for 25 instead of 10 years and abort on the cb expiring
    - Enabled modding in unit_type on ships
    - Added a checkbox to decisions to set whether or not you want to be notified about the decision being available to take
    - Can no longer get the same mission twice


    - Breaking a Royal Marriage will now also cancel Claim Throne if the nation breaking it off is the claimant.
    - You can now force countries to cancel protectorates in a peacetreaty, just like breaking vassalage.
    - The emperor can no longer exploit converting his own religion for IA farming.
    - Steppe Nomads can no longer become Protectorates.
    - Ships can no longer blockade ports while patrolling.
    - Trade winds are no longer used in Random New World, and correctly restored after resign.
    - Nations that are supporting independence will now automatically join their supported nation in an independence war unless they have a truce or is fighting in a war together with its overlord
    - Junior partners in a union is no longer allowed to change government.
    - You can now always core a province adjacent to your colonial subjects.
    - Reformation (and Calvinism) now only happens in Europe.
    - Giving a colony independence now gives them +100 opinion of you.
    - Support Independence is now cancelled if the overlord is giving a colony away.
    - Revolutionary Republic now becomes a revolutionary empire instead of despotic monarchy if tradition is too low.
    - Cardinals will no longer spawn from territories not on the same continent as the Holy See.
    - Colonial Governments now have a severe malus on Papal Influence.
    - Ships will no longer spread their damage as much in naval combat, and will keep firing at ships with 0 morale to sink them if possible.
    - Reworked prices to take colonial system better.
    - Annexing or integrating another country now makes you take over all their dependencies as well.
    - Tweaked some morale bonuses
    - Can no longer ask a state to become a protectorate while either country is at war
    - Wargoals are now only valid for warleaders, original attacker & defender, and overlords of original attacker & defender
    - When migrating, the country now brings the province culture into the new province.
    - When migrating, all constructions besides merchants gets moved as well.
    - Raised diplovassalize base tax cap from 30 to 40
    - Halved Better Relations Over Time effect from Prestige
    - Halved AE reduction from distance
    - Can no longer sell a province to a country that cannot make said province into a core due to distance
    - Fleet Basing Rights now always costs at least 0.5 ducats and caps out at a maximum of 2 ducats at 20 ports
    - Fleet Basing Rights no longer gives colonial & coring range
    - Increased duration of CB on Form Personal Union missions from 10 to 100 years
    - Detaching a siegestack now always sets "can-attach-unit" to false.
    - Fixed a few issues which causes natives &pirates units to just stand still.
    - Reforming natives now also update all units to new unittypes.
    - Subsidies and Guarantees will now be canceled if either country involved becomes a subject.
    - War Subsidies are now simply Subsidies, and can be given even if target country is not at war.
    - Absolute maximum subsidies that can be given is now 50% of monthly income.
    - Absolute minimum subsidies that can be given is now 0.1 ducats/month.
    - Duration of Subsidies are now 5-100 years instead of 6-60 months. They can still be revoked at any time.
    - Opinion boost from getting subsidies now depends on how much money has been given in total, relative to the recipient's income.
    - Tweaked price algoritm for slaves.
    - Cores are assigned before ownersip change when forming colonies, so buildings should no longer be destroyed.
    - You no longer get Exploration CB on subjects states.
    - Colonial Government & Native Council are no longer valid targets for revolutionry cb.
    - You can now collect trade in any node. Not that its a good idea to do it where you don't have fleet bases.
    - Gaining a core while having the overextension-view open no longer kills the whole list.
    - Returning cores and releasing nations will no longer remove cores from releaser if the province is of their primary culture
    - Influence actions now contains all actions relating to subjects and influence, instead of just some of them.
    - Relative base tax now matters when trying to make countries into protectorates diplomatically.
    - You'll now get a prestige hit if your infiltrate administration-action is discovered.

    - Random New World not so random any more (when loading savegames)
    - Navies retreating now pick closest port with naval distance, not the shortest how birds fly.
    - On map interface for macro interface will no longer get stuck if a province gets sold while it's shown.
    - Fixed crash when AI country changes tag and repays loans at the same time
    - Fixed a bug where you couldn't send a colonist to a colony that you had recalled a colonist from.
    - Fixed CTD in the console command "own".
    - Fixed a bug which caused monarchs to get different stats than what was shown in tooltips from events, when a dynasty was defined for them in the event.
    - Fixed another issue with supply range cache and undiscovered provinces
    - Fixed a bug where you could annex a nation with an isolated capital by demanding all their provinces individually
    - Fixed a CTD in call to arms
    - Money out of thin air exploit plugged. You can no longer send subsidys to subject nations.
    - You will no longer get empty units when annexing a vassal or integrating a union partner.
    - Fixed CTD in CRebelFaction::WriteMembers.
    - Fixed a bug where more than eight lucky nations could coexist if lucky settings were changed mid-play
    - Fixed another case where two countries could end up migrating to the same province simultaneously, wiping out the first migrant
    - Fixed a bug where a rebel hunting unit would have its movement canceled each day due to another, closer rebel hunting unit that couldn't reach the target
    - Fixed a bug where separate peace in an independence war would end the entire war
    - Fixed a bug that was causing Royal Marriages to never be broken on ruler death.
    - Fixed CTD in peace code.
    - Support Independence will now properly be removed when an independence war turns it into an alliance
    - Fixed a CTD related to malloc-problems when loading a RNW-save after resigning.
    - Two countries with the same overlord (even through overlord-chains) can no longer start a war against each other.
    - The host will no longer get stuck in lobby if a client unready at the same time as the host starts the game.
    - Fixed CTD in CCountry::CalculateColonials()
    - Fixed CTD due to invalid war in CCountry::CalcScoreForDiplomacy.
    - Host browsing through save game-folders will no longer crash the client.
    - Pressing ESC in observe mode: If you're observing a country it will deselect it, otherwise the in-game menu will popup.
    - Fixed a bug where Daimyos could no longer declare war.
    - Fixed a bug where vassalizing a country and taking over their wars would result in all your allies dishonoring your alliance
    - Fixed a bug in the peace code where returning cores could result in bizarre annexations.
    - Fixed a few ways where tradepower downstream-propagation got interrupted by present power.
    - Fixed a bug in the peace code where returning cores could result in bizarre annexations.
    - Fixed bug where the ResourceDepleted-modifier didn't get removed when migrating into a province.
    - It's no longer possible to increase tariffs to above 100%.
    - Fixed possible CTD when calculating ranks.
    - It's no longer possible to start the game in ironman + observe mode.
    - Setting a player to control a nation that the player allready controlled will no longer risk start the AI (caused some ingame loading bugs where colonies where lost)
    - Adding subjects will now update borderdistances
    - Fixed CTD when forming JAP after annexing JAP. Loans for annexed countries are now correctly deleted.

    - Fixed the infamous 26-player lobby crash
    - Fixed an oos related to monarch that died on different times.
    - Chosing to play as a released vassal in MP will no longer force all the players to play that vassal.
    - Selecting "Spectator" in the end of game screen now brings you into the real observe mode.
    - If a player in MP is at war, a war-icon will be shown at that players name in the outliner.
    - Added MP-option: Locked ledger. (yes/no)
    - Added MP-option: Only host can save. (yes/no)
    - Added MP-option: Editable savegame. (yes/no). If this option is disabled, the save will be saved in binary and it will also not be possible to start the savegame in singleplayer.
    - Fixed an OOS that occured if a player selected a country that is a "lucky nation" somethere between the time when the host loads the savegame and the time when the client loads it.
    - Fixed an OOS that occurred whenever an observer observed a country that released a vassal and started playing as it.

    - Fixed a bug that was causing countries to sometimes never leave coalitions
    - Fixed an issue in admiral AI where boats would not stay in place for blockades due to bad distance caching
    - Fixed a bug that was causing the AI to refuse support independence request based on their own distance to overlord instead of their overlord's distance to supporter
    - Increased AI aggressiveness
    - Rewrite AI logic for returning home when in exile, should hopefully resolve all issues with exiles being stuck in foreign countries
    - Fixed another bug with AI exiles stuck in foreign countries
    - Fixed a bug in naval invasion AI that could cause AI to become stuck in invasion mode without ever boarding ships
    - Should now be much better at transporting troops to allies' territory during war
    - Fixed an issue where AI countries without armies would not build troops because they were waiting for money to build more expensive unit types
    - Will now use larger stacks when carpeting sieging high level forts
    - Will now lift sieges in order to attack enemy armies that are besieging higher priority targets
    - Now considers terrain and leaders a bigger factor when determining combat odds
    - Now much more reluctant to enter scorched provinces
    - More prio on conquering pagan states with gold provinces
    - Will no longer diplo-vassalize HRE vassals if it is trying to enact Renovatio
    - Will now take out more loans if fighting in a war where their independence is threatened
    - Will now consolidate badly damaged regiments if low on manpower or about to enter battle
    - ed overlords of nations you are declaring war on will now correctly show as not willing to join the war on your side
    - Will no longer ignore small nearby enemy stacks if they have nothing better to do
    - Will no longer demand the return of unlawful territory from its allies and dependancies
    - Will no longer send missionaries to non-core provinces
    - Should now always try to cede a siege to warleader if it has no interest in the province
    - Will now ignore attitude towards a nation's allies when checking whether to answer call to arms from a nation whose independence it is supporting
    - Will now use more artillery in its armies
    - Will now prioritize steering to capital in virtually all situations where it is an option
    - Fixed bug where AI countries sometimes started new federations even thou they already were member of another federation.
    - Less interested in vassalizing non-bordering states not of the same culture group (such as hungary & urbino)
    - Will now check to see whether it has transports that can reach the target before launching a naval invasion
    - Less prio on culture conversions unless significantly ahead of time in diplo tech
    - Protectorates will now use the same logic as independent nations for buying provinces
    - Protectorates will now fabricate claims
    - Will now only take the Abolish Slavery act if they have full innovative ideagroup
    - Will now accept buying provinces as long as the total OE after purchase would not be above 95%
    - Subjects will now only accept buying non-core provinces if their OE is 0
    - Will no longer accept buying a non-accepted culture province or wrong religion group province unless it is a core, claim, or they have owned it at any point during the game
    - Subjects will now only buy provinces if they are a core, claim, or they have owned it at any point during the game
    - Now has a 1% chance of taking option B in Event 9462 "Scheming Bureaucracy"
    - Will now be more intelligent about what ships it disbands when naval spending is too high
    - Fixed a bug where the AI would continuously begin and abort blockades due to other AIs attempting the same thing
    - Fixed a bug where hostile fleets that were moving and in combat would be 'invisible' to the AI
    - Will no longer attach to armies that are not anywhere near hostile territory
    - Should now properly enforce peace to protect their colonies when they have a chance at winning
    - Should now be smarter about where to explore first
    - Will now focus more on establishing a colonial nation before colonizing elsewhere
    - Less random about where it prioritizes colonization
    - Will no longer accept an offensive call to arms if the caller has a previous offensive war they would not want to join
    - More prio on converting cultures for colonial nations.
    - Fixed a bug where AI units would remain in exile due to not detaching from the unit they were attached to.
    - Subjects can now ally against their overlord, if several of them simultaneously want independence. A subject allied to another subject of the same overlord will automatically call them in if they declare an independence war, but cannot call them in for any other wars. If the war does not result in independece, all rebelling subjects will be revassalized.
    - Balanced personality is now less predominant among rulers with all low stats, and a bit more common among rulers with all high stats.
    - Small AI countries of the Emperor's culture group may now attempt to join the Empire.
    - Fixed a bug where AI colonies would not account for tariffs in their expenses when budgetting.
    - AI: Less prio on rivaling countries that already have a large number of enemies.
    - Will now recruit generals during peacetime if it is under serious threat from rebels.
    - More willing to declare an independence war if it has proper backing.
    - Will now start the game with their rivals picked, to make for more consistent diplomacy.
    - Now a bit less predictable about who they choose as rivals.
    - Reduced minimum years nation will be in a coalition from 5 to 2.
    - If OE is low, now willing to take neighbouring accepted culture provinces even if they had not planned on conquering them.
    - More focus on annexing small, poorly defended priority targets.
    - Less willing to ally countries with unlawful territory, if Emperor.
    - Much less willing to join an offensive war if already fighting a war on the same side as the attacker.
    - Less willing to join an offensive war if already at war.
    - Much less likely to accept converting their provinces back to Catholicism in event 2036 'Religious Turmoil'.
    - Now a bit harder to ally distant AI powers that have no particular interest in you.
    - More prio on buying ideas when it has multiple unfinished idaegroups.
    - Will no longer consider wasteland as hostile borders during war.
    - Optimized & improved military access logic.
    - Will no longer try to get military access to travel vast distances to a war front under most circumstances (ie, no more Tibetan land invasions of Italy).
    - Fixed a bug where AI countries would continue to ask for military access through another country long after their reasons for wanting it ceased being relevant.
    - Will no longer budget for colonies if the budgeted amount isn't enough to support at least one colony.
    - Governments set to allow_migrate will now work properly for the AI even if they don't have native mechanics enabled.
    - Fixed a bug where you could end up getting a positive relation hit from Aggressive Expansion due to stacking modifiers.
    - Will now turn off force march when entering naval invasion mode.
    - Newly released countries should now have an easier time finding allies.
    - Will now make use of subsidies to fund poor allies and enemies of their rivals.
    - Fixed a bug that was preventing AI Natives from forming federations.
    - Fixed a problem in sell province logic where it was calculating Overextension incorrectly.
    - Distrust now goes away faster if an AI has a good opinion of the country it distrusts
    - Trust now goes away faster if the AI has a negative opinion of the country it trusts
    - Trust with allies now goes up slightly slower
    - Better at demanding provinces for its allies and vassals in a war.
    - Less likely to rival a long-term ally with a very high trust score.
    - Now less willing to ally multiple Great Powers at the same time, to prevent crazy late-game alliance webs.
    - Now much more careful about sending large armies onto islands connected only by straits.
    - Fixed a bug where AI armies could get stuck in allies' lands after a war due to faulty military access logic.
    - Will now only buy provinces if OE is 0 or their total OE after buying the province would be equal or less to 50%.
    - Slower to change attitudes towards a country unless their strategic priorities change majorly (for example on ruler death or from picking a conquest mission)
    - Fixed a bug where AI nations would be unable to cancel a treaty of support independence even after they had ceased being willing to uphold it
    - Reduced trust impact on HRE elections to fit the new trust calculations
    - Fixed a bug that was preventing the AI Emperor from granting Electorates under certain circumstances
    - Fixed a bug where AI armies would be locked up wandering back and forth between provinces trying to find a resting spot
    - Regencies can no longer have the Militarist AI personality
    - Militarist AI is now more willing to take on high core cost provinces
    - Diplomatic, Administrator & Colonial AI are now less willing to take on high core cost provinces
    - Added AI_CONVERT_CULTURES to defines, if set to 0 ai will not convert cultures
    - States with slow tech groups will no longer consider themselves Colonial Powers for the purpose of giving fleet basing rights
    - Tweaked army recruit AI to be a bit smarter about build order when rebuilding their army from scratch
    - Fixed a bug in AI where it was miscalculating overall rebel threat from units in rebel-controlled provinces.
    - Fixed a bug where AI units that were too large for a fleet's transport capacity would become stuck trying to board ships because of constant splitting off and merging of regiments.
    - Fixed another bug that was blocking AI from diplo-annexing its vassals

    - GUI are no longer locked when entering observe mode when game is over.
    - Fixed broken "utterly trust"-tooltip
    - The Tariffs Efficiency-value in economy screen are now shown with the correct amount of decimals.
    - It's no longer possible to click on a CoA that belongs to a country you havn't discovered yet.
    - A hotjoining player should no longer be able to press play/ready before the savegame is fully loaded.
    - Now possible to exclude ships by unit_type
    - Fixed and rearranged columns i subject screen
    - The checkboxes for ironman/RNW/observer in gamesetup are now buttons and WYSIWYG.
    - The lobby now writes "observer" as country name on the right side if observe mode is checked.
    - The gui for ironman- & RNW-checkboxes is now updated properly.
    - Fixed some issues where peace screen would display the wrong amount of prestige gained from certain peace deals
    - Fixed reversed names in support independence popup
    - Suggest Demands should now be better at being able to tell when a player wants a province or a vassal from the enemy
    - Fixed a bug where 'Leader may negotiate for us' was sometimes defaulted to on for players
    - Value for liberty_desire trigger is now presented as a percentage
    - Fixed tooltips for Inter Caetera to correctly display effects
    - Fixed tooltips for Native Trading Principles to display all benefits
    - Fixed a display issue in core tooltips where it would simultaneously show a core as expiring and never expiring
    - The tooltip on the terrain-GFX in province view now tells what other terrains that exists in that province.
    - The federation tooltip in the diplo view now always shows the correct leader.
    - The "change capital"-message now displays the correct capital name.
    - Default sort for protect trade is now "trader present", as that is usually what you want to send to.
    - The tooltip for annul treaties-option in peace offer view now shows what treaties that will annulled.
    - The entries in the loans-list now tells the total amount of money to repay.
    - The values in the tooltip for inflation change are now rounded correctly.
    - Removed the active country from the federation-list in diplo screen.
    - Added a checkbox to decisions to set whether or not you want to be notified about the decision being available to take
    - The message notification for reaching max improve relations now has a button for recalling your diplomat
    - Fixed some bad tooltips in call to arms diplo reasons
    - Fixed Liberty Desire Trigger tooltip.
    - Fixed a bug in peace view where the wrong diplo cost would be shown for certain peace options with valid wargoals
    - Added stars that represent the leader stats on the onmap interface for units.
    - Added leader stats to the tooltip for that unit.
    - Rewrote display of manpower from provinces to make the impact from goodsproduced actually visible.
    - Manufactories now display income primarily on the map, not tradevalue.
    - Buildings affecting goodsproduced now show income & manpower impact as well in tooltips.
    - Added inf/cav/art icons to unit tooltip.
    - If there are more than one leader in i unit stack, the correct number of stars are now shown on the onmap interface.
    - The chance for enforce peace is now working again.
    - Frankfurt's Stadtradt is now properly a regency
    - Removed triggers combining any_neighbor_province with is_empty which doesn't work
    - Event colonial.13 "Fur Trade Dwindles" will no longer trigger on a province that has just received its trade_good
    - Option A and C in event flavor_pol.3481 "The Struggle for Royal Power" now gives different MTTH to following events
    - Fixed wrong order of dates in 2012 - Arsigantegok
    - Exchanged direkt text with proper localisation keys in several playes in gui files
    - Changed some text positions in provinceview.gui to better fit with longer localisation
    - Fixed wrong localisation for option B in event flavor_tur.102
    - Removed alliance between Naples and Venice during Aragon's union with Naples
    - Event 5066 can no longer fire while the church_functions modifier is active
    - Fixed bad positions in "new colony"-popup.
    - The sort-buttons for native builds now works/looks better.
    - Added leader icons on units in outliner.
    - Added the name of the tradenode in some tooltips in trade mapmode.
    - Added a setting to enable/disable the floating chat text.
    - Fixed broken sortbuttons in subject view.
    - The liberation view is no longer stuck when closing with ESC.
    - Warscore from ticking wargoals is now displayed at the top of the warscore factor lists, instead of at the bottom.
    - The "is not ready"-tooltip (and "no in synch) in gamesetup is now shown as "X, Y and Z is not ready".
    - Added DLC-icons to the frontend like the once in CK2.
    - Fixed bug where the "release colony"-button was supposed to be disabled.
    - Shields for rebels no longer have the "havn't discovered"-tooltip.
    - Added shortcut for natives/subject view.
    - Fixed wierd text in tooltip for the message setting "popup and pause".
    - Fixed some broken tooltips in trade interface.
    - Fabricate Claim discover chance will no longer show "No modifiers" if a rival modifier is valid
    - Fixed inconsistency between trade goods tooltip on map and in the province interface.
    - Country names in end of game screen will no longer break rows.
    - Fixed wrong amount of decimals in tooltips for inheritance and union break in subjects view.
    - Clarified tooltip for reforming native government to show the core neighbour requirement.
    - Unittypes now updates immediately in macrobuild.
    - The "notify decision"-setting now works for all decisions.
    - Fixed a bug where lesser in union couldn't declare war on overlord.
    - Loading an ironman save will now show TI in game setup.
    - Province and capital name changes will now save even if you switch provinces instead of closing province view
    - The observe mode now selects the hosts country by default on startup.

    - Traderange from tech no longer gives access to the entire globe.
    - Added regent = yes to several non-character "rulers" in country history files
    - Merchant Adventures is now 25% range again.
    - Dutch Trading Spirit now gives +10% Trade Range as well.
    - vassalize_france mission is now about establishing a union instead
    - Events flavor_per.1 and flavor_per.2 now give the correct monarch points
    - Portugal is no longer ruled by a twelve-year-old
    - Event ideagroups.400 now works for protestant and reformed countries
    - TRP and TUN are now historical friends
    - FRA and BUR are now historical rivals
    - "Tariffs on " events now only give 1% liberty desire
    - Battles of Foreign Ground event during Liberalism now requires inflation and warexhaustion to trigger.
    - Will no longer get 'Convert Culture' mission for accepted culture provinces
    - Event 728 'Claims on our Rivals' will now only target rivals that have a valid province you can get a claim on.
    - Removed duplicated Donatello advisor
    - Added sculptor Leone Leoni as Italian advisor
    - Nudged postitions for 979 (Aleut) and 978 (Kenai)
    - Nudged positions for Midway
    - Mission change_province_culture will no longer target provinces of same culture group
    - establish_spanish_carribean, establish_spanish_main and establish_spanish_la_plata no longer triggers if region is owned by a subject
    - Event 6025 no longer give defensive_modifier/offensive_modifier if you have the opposite one
    - Event 6030 no longer gives offensive_modifier if you already have the defensive_modifier
    - Event 714 no longer triggers if you have defensive_modifier or offensive_modifier
    - Added second option to event colonial.1 and colonial.16 to add to existing colony
    - Added an event to inform Austria getting a union CB from event flavor_hun.2
    - Tweaked Construct Grand Fleet mission probability to be lower-.
    - Fixed a bug where AI native states could build normal buildings due to missing script triggers
    - When playing random new world: Trade routes leading to a trade node, located in random new world, not yet discovered is no longer visible on the map.
    - Tweaked several missions to have better triggers
    - Can no longer get the same mission twice
    - Funj should no longer spawn with lots of natives in it.
    - The General estates now requires inflation at at least 10, and 50 bankloans.
    - Fixed a few issues that made Napoleonic era not working as intended for France.
    - Bavarian Archbishops can only happen at an actual ruler change for Cologne now.
    - East India Traderoute triggered modifier is now available for americans and africans, and is no longer limited by <30% mercantilism.. effect is now +5% trade income.
    - Western Arms trade now reduc es techcost by 10% instead of 5%.
    - Some effects that gave +1000 manpower (which is irelevant), now give a full years manpower in a few events.
    - Merchant Shipping Act has been changed, and now gives +1 merchant as an effect, but is only available to countries with 5 ports, and requires full trade & naval ideas.
    - Importation Act is now just a trade bonus, but requires full trade & administrative ideas and nothing else.
    - Merchant Adventures now gives +33% trade range instead of +25%, allowing a trading netherlands to reach Western Europe.
    - Polish revolt events are a little bit stronger now.
    - Reaching max improve relations will no longer automatically recall your diplomat
    - Mission rule_the_seas now give 5 prestige
    - Mission construct_grand_fleet now give 10 navy tradition and 10 prestige
    - netherlands_nation only cedes French provinces to France if France exists
    - Event republics.3 can no longer fire for colonies
    - Event catholic_flavor.1 will no longer fire outside of Europe
    - Added colonial nation variants of event "Minorities flock to $PROVINCENAME$"
    - Colonies or AI former colonies can no longer form most formable countries
    - Added decision for the Pope to be able to move back his capital to Rome
    - Natives will no longer get missions to build buildings they can't build yet.
    - North American Natives now known about the Gulf of St.Lawrence, so they can trade there.
    - RFR no longer keeps its previous ruler as consul
    - Less stability gains in the revolutionary events for RFR
    - Fixed bad scopes in slave tradegoods
    - Haida and Miwok can now get resources when colonized.
    - The OR trigger in The French Revolution now checks for 50 and not 5 loans
    - Added republican tradition events for revolutionary republics
    - Added more events for a revolutionary France
    - flavor_fra.3132, flavor_fra.3133 & flavor_fra.3134 revised for new colonial mechanics
    - Reduced MTTH on flavor_por.2 "Atlantic Slave Trade" from 1000 to 600
    - Reduced MTTH on flavor_spa.1001 "Laws of Burgos" & flavor_spa.1002 "The New Laws" from 2000 to 1000
    - Event flavor_spa.1004 now triggers if provinces in North & South America is either owned by country or a colonial vassal
    - Removed event flavor_spa.3176
    - less_colonial_corruption modifier now gives 25% tariffs instead of 50%
    - Added missing russian cores to province history files to avoid too high OE in late game starts
    - Vasselize missions now give a cb for 25 instead of 10 years and abort on the cb expiring
    - Fixed a bug where nationalist rebels would not be valid due to no culture defection country
    - Event flavor_jap.41 "Heirless" can now only trigger for JAP if they are a monarchy
    - Event 5076 "Cities demand old rights" will no longer fire for natives
    - The has_new_dynasty trigger now works correctly
    - Giving into religious rebels changing your religion now gives a -3 stability hit (same as on convert)
    - Bohemia now has +10% (from 5%) Imperial Authoriy and +10% (from 5%) Infantry Power.
    - Hofgericht and Reichsregiment is now good for members as well.
    - civil_war.6 now has correct localisation for the event option
    - Fixed "Discoveries spread of Kola and Karelia" in log
    - Event 5061 "Saint performs miracle" now gives 50 papal influence
    - add_papal_influence effect now sets the actual scripted value
    - Moved the po_estuary_modifier from 112 Venezia to 113 Ferrara
    - Fixed type in "Miguel de Cervantes" event
    - Event 1081 "Papal State" will no longer fire if the papacy is no longer active
    - Event 1082 "The Papal State" will no longer fire if the papacy is no longer active
    - Shortened title for event flavor_rus.EVTNAME3415
    - Reworked the reforms events to be more relevant to eu4, and far more fun.
    - Cardinals now have less of an impact on spread of protestantism and reform.
    - flavor_fra.3790 no longer require Napoleon being ruler
    - Changed MTTH for event flavor_fra.3790 from 300 to 100
    - Spanish ownership over Friesland now uses same date as the rest of the Low Countries
    - Changed revolutionary_rebels to pretender_rebels in Calais
    - Changed Richard Plantagenet to Edward of York as leader of pretender rebels in Yorkshire
    - Changed color of Bijapur
    - Removed decision chinese_nation
    - Moved centralization bonus from chiniese_nation to flavor_mng.17
    - Event flavor_tur.102 now deducts money as intended
    - Added total_base_tax trigger
    - All vassalization missions require target country to have less than 25 total base tax
    - Mission insult_rival is not allowed if the target already has the insulted opinion modifier
    - change_controller effect should now work correctly
    - controlled_by = REB should now work correctly
    - Ulm now starts with a regent
    - Riga now has a regent after 1561
    - 426 - Mazandaran now discovered by eastern tech group
    - Salzburg country color is now a bit darker
    - Added GetTradeGoodsName text property to provincetext
    - Fixed broken trigger in event 4034 "Social reform"
    - Added chance of noble rebels in "The Revolutionary Republic" events
    - Renamed 722 - Jurim to Jirem
    - Renamed 660 - Xishuan Banna to Sibsongbanna
    - Tunis and Tripoli are in a union from game start to 1510 (to represent Hafsid Empire)
    - Fixed errors and updated/added names to Byzantine Empire and Trebizond

    - Updated all loading tips based on feedback from forum
    - Fixed spelling in nationalist_rebels_demand_desc
    - Changed a lot of adm/dip/mil-references in the localisation to icons.
    - Fixed spelling in IDEA_GROUP_NEEDS
    - Added better localisation for dynamic colony adjectives, i.e. "[Root.Culture.GetName] Louisiana" instead of just "Louisiana"
    - Renamed 'Form Chinese Nation' to 'Reform the Chinese Administraiton'.
    - Fixed several spelling errors in NEWCOLONIALCOUNTRY_5
    - Fixed localisation problem for LIBERATE_COLONY
    - Fixed missing end of desc_achievement_the_five_colonies
    - Nouvelle Flandre spelled Nouvelle-Flandre
    - Fixed bad grammar in EVTDESC870
    - Added missing localisation for Pequot culture
    - Fixed localisation for liberty_desire trigger
    - Fixed bad localisation for Japanese Sankin-Kotai idea
    - Fixed spelling in tradition_of_military_service
    - Fixed spelling in desc_corrupt_bureaucracy
    - Fixed spelling in LOADING_TIP_53
    - Fixed spelling in all hindustan_nation descriptions
    - Fixed spelling in ANNEX_WAREXHAUSTION
    - Fixed spelling of Stadtradt -> Stadtrat for AAC, ULM, FRN and RIG
    - Removed incorrect info about war taxes from WARTAX_OTHER_3
    - Removed incorrect into about war taxes from HINT_TAXES_TEXT
    - Removed incorrect into about war taxes from HINT_WARTAXES_TEXT
    - Fixed ambiguous protectorate classification in the tooltips for some diploactions.
    - befriend_threat_rival and befriend_rival_rival now have better localisation
    - Fixed the localisation for Saint Lawrence, Nelson and Hudson river estuaries
    - Updated CONNECT_TO_SHIP_DESC to account for new mechanics
    - Fixed grammar in MORALEDESCR
    - Fixed grammar in war_cabinet_desc
    - Fixed grammar in massed_battery_desc
    - Fixed grammar in ahom_diplomacy_desc
    - Fixed grammar in office_of_the_peshwa_desc
    - Fixed grammar in NOREDUCE_WAR_NO_WE
    - Fixed grammar in mediterranean_christian_fleet_desc
    - Fixed grammar in FABRICATECLAIMS_4
    - Fixed grammar in STEER_LATER
    - Fixed grammar in EVTDESC6609
    - Fixed grammar in purple_phoenix.3.d
    - Fixed missing localisation for event conquest_of_paradise.300 "Ban Fur Trade"
    - Re-wrote north_american_desc to fit the new mechanics
    - Removed wrong localisation for tag ZAN
    - Fixed spelling in revolutionary_republic_desc
    - Fixed grammar/spelling for Dai-Phat cavalry, Ambush Infantry, Redcoat Infantry and Tercio Infantry
    - Fixed grammar/spelling for Black Riders, Yaya Infantry, Muslim Mass Infantry and Qizilbash Cavalry
    - Fixed grammar/spelling for Sowars, Musket Charge Cavalry and Muslim Dragoon
    - Fixed grammar/spelling for Defensive Asian Foot Soldier and Samurai Cavalry
    - Added missing localisation for support_independence

    - achievement_no_pirates_in_my_carribean now count vassals as well
    - It's no longer possible to get achievements in observe mode.
    - achievement_norwegian_wood is now valid if all provinces are owned by nation and/or subjects

    - Return core can now be scripted to give AE for returning cores to vassals by tweaking PO_RETURN_CORES_BADBOY
    - Added VASSAL_FABRICATE_CLAIMS to defines, if set to 1 vassals will use fabricate claims on foreign powers
    - Added VASSAL_BUY_ANY_PROVINCE to defines, if set to 1 vassals will buy provinces regardless of strategic interest
    - Exported DAYS_PER_PHASE to defines
    - Exported DAYS_PER_SIEGE_PHASE to defines
    - Exported COMBAT_DICE_SIDE to defines
    - Exported VASSALIZE_BASE_TAX_CAP to defines.
    - Exported protectorate tech cost difference threshold to lua defines

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    1. Europa Universalis

    Here are the patchnotes for EU4 1.4 Patch, read, analyze and play later today

    # Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise Features

    Features in the Expansion:

    - Playable colonial nations.
    Start the game as the 13 colonies and fight free of the British or play as a Portugal and switch to Brazil when Europe is feeling to small. Conquest of Paradise allows you to play as colonial nations.

    - Randomized new world
    Use the option of starting the game with the whole North American and South America completely randomized. Conquest of Paradise brings true exploratioin.

    - New mechanics for native americans
    With the Conquest of Paradise expansion native americans will now play according to different rules. They have their own buildings, new unique ideas and a separate set Native advancements that they can buy for power.
    Small native american states can also migrate to move to a better place and generate more power.
    Native americans cannot fabricate claims but get a special CB called Humilitate that will generate power when they win and cost their opponents prestige.
    Federations are also a unique feature for native americans. Federations work like a defensive alliance with a leader. Federation members will protect eachother from outsiders but not from from eachother.
    Native americans can progress their nation and reform their governement and become a modern state.
    Native americans now get their unique advisor pictures.

    - Support Independence. In Conquest of Paradise there is now a new diplomatic action that allows an independant nation to support the independance of a subject nation. Should the subject nation declare war on its overlord, the supporters will automatically get called.

    - Conquest of Paradise adds the Observe Mode which allows a player to join a game without selecting a country. In the game the Observer kan via a convenient interface jump between different countries, played by other humans or the AI, and see everything they can see. Perfect for multiplayer streams or learning the game from the experts.

    # Free New Features in Patch v1.4

    - New diplomatic dependency called 'Protectorate'.
    If a nation is of too low a technologygroup compared to you, they will become a protectorate instead of a vassal.
    Protectorates give 50% of their tradepower to their overlord, but get -25% technology cost for it.
    If a protectorate westernises, they automatically become independent again. You can also trace traderange from your protectorates.

    - Climate Overhaul:
    Mapmode showing climate zones, and differemt climates now have more specific effects.
    Winter & Climate Icons are also shown in province view.
    Winter only affects hostile attrition now.
    Climate now have impact on colonisation.

    - Succession Wars are no longer automatic.
    When a country have the chance to form a union with each other, the strongest of the new overlords rivals and/or nations with a royal marriage or same dynasty, have the opportunity to challenge them in a succession war.

    - Tariffs
    Old system for tariffs completely gone.
    Colonial nations now give a percentage of ALL their income as tariffs, starting at 10%.
    Increasing tariffs is done per colony, for 25 admin power for +2.5% Tariffs and +5% Liberty Desire in the colony.

    - Liberty Desire
    Colonial subjects can declare war on their overlords at 50% liberty desire, and will do it automatically at 100%.
    If Liberty Desire is lower than Tariff Percentage, they increase by 1% each year.
    Liberty Desire grants more manpower and cheaper maintainance for the colonial subject.

    - Added new option to 'Abandon Colony', for when you want to give up on a province.

    - Westernisation changed
    Westernisation no longer requires non-negative stability.
    While westernising, you no longer get +200% stability costs, but instead +5RR.
    Westernisation no longer depends on stability, but instead progress +10 from each power each month if possible.. When progress hits 5000, modified by techgroup, its finished.
    Westernisation events are now "bad effect" or "give up 4 months progress".
    You can now see more details about effect of westernisation and estimated finish date in the interface.
    When westernisation is finished, it will be truly finished, and no rebels can change that fact.

    - Added 5 new achievements:
    In The Name of the Father - Get 100% Patriarch Authority.
    The Rising Sun - Conquer all of Japan as a European nation.
    The Five Colonies - Have five colonial subjects.
    The Re-Reconquista - Own all of Iberia as Granada
    Turn the Table - Swap to one of your colonial subject from a 1444 start and vassalize your former overlord.

    - Added four new mapmodes, for climate, tradegoods, winter & federations.
    - A New Interface has been added, where you can view all your current subjects, and view their benefits to your nation.
    - Added a new loading screen to game.
    - Added a generic ideagroup for those with native mechanics.
    - Added ideagroup for colonial nations.
    - Added ideagroups for Huron, Iroqouis, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Pueblo, Shawnee & Creek.
    - Added cocoa tradegood.
    - Added lots of new countries in Eastern Africa & Northern America.
    - Added new pagan religion Totemism for North American Natives.

    # Gamebalance

    # Trade Nodes
    - Added new tradenode Western Europe, leading to Sevilla, Bourdeaux, Antwerpen & London
    - Carribean no longer leads to Sevilla & Bordeaux, but instead to Western Europe.
    - Moved Chesapeake connection from London & Bordeaux to Western Europe.
    - Mauritanian coast now leads to Western Europe instead of Sevilla.
    - California now also feeds Missisippi.
    - Missisippi now also feeds St Lawrence.
    - Basra now also feeds Persia.
    - Genoa now feeds into Bordeuax.
    - Malacca now feeds into Zanzibar.
    - Indus now feeds into Samarkand.
    - Tradenodes are now repaired if older savegames are loaded.
    - removed kashmir-indus link
    - Sevilla is now an end-node.
    - Venice and Sevilla are now determined as proper endnodes for powerpropagation chains, just as Antwerp is.

    # Trade
    - Reworked some prices on tradegoods, boosting some underperforming tradegoods.
    - Tradepower now propagate upstream into empty tradenodes.
    - Capitals now propagate power upstream.
    - Tradepower below 2 is not propagated upstream.
    - Upstream propagation is now splitted between all incoming links where valid.
    - A trading nation is no longer counted as having no presence if it only has transfered tradepower (also fixes the ever growing trade piechart)
    - Removed tradepower malus from lesser governments.
    - Now possible to trade in your homenode even if its out of range
    - Colonial & Protector overlords now get power in all tradenodes their subjects have power as well.
    - Merchants now have a proper travel time again.

    - Spanish idea 'Inter Caetera' now allows you to claim any province owned by a colonial country or that is overseas for spain.
    - Russian ambitions nerfed from 100% to 50% manpower.
    - Nerfed prussian & japanese ideas slightly.
    - All +200% enemy core creation are now +100% enemy core creation.
    - Gave the italian ideas a nice boost.
    - Religious ideas finisher nerfed from 100% to 50%.
    - Boosted diplomatic ideas some, including 'reduced stab impacts' no longer giving stability penalties for breaking royal marriages.
    - Native Trading Principles (french idea) now also increases the tax/mp gain from leaving natives alone by 25%.
    - Portugals ambition is now +20% Tariffs.
    - Global Empire idea is now 25% naval forcelimits.

    # Score
    - Score rank & ratings are now saved in savegame files.
    - Score increase increases faster closer to the end of the game, and gives far less at the start of the game.
    - Annexed countries is still in the score-list now, if they had accumulated points.
    - Quality of leaders now impact scorerank instead of just +1 for each leader, and is now capped at +5 for leaders.
    - Protectorates give less score than other dependencies.
    - Below 50 republican tradition or legitimacy is now negative on score.
    - Score for fleets now depend on amount of cannons, not amount of ships.
    - Being occupied is a severe drawback to your administative score.
    - Warexhaustion reduces your military score now.
    - Negative warscore now have an impact on score calculation for diplomacy.
    - Strong ally bonus on dip score now depends on those with stronger military power, not those with at least 50% of your income.

    # Technology
    - Techs costs are now reduced by about 5% for each full ideagroup of that category. Each idea reduces by 0.7%.
    - Techs now slowly increase in cost over time (20% for lategame techs)
    - American techgroups now start at level 1.

    # Armies
    - Exiled units will no longer cause natives to spawn.
    - Armies at ships no longer reinforce at all.
    - Armies at ships now always take 1% attrition, and not depending on naval supply limits.
    - Rebalanced some recruitment speed modifiers.
    - When a unit goes to board transports, all attached units will now be detached

    # Navies
    - Pirates only spawn outside coasts of those that can build ships.
    - naval leaders no longer get unused bonus siege values.
    - removed the "not-patrolled" modifier from the game.
    - Not possible to give move order for more than one province into TI
    - Dependecy relations now allow each other to repair their ships in each ports.

    # Force Limits
    - Colonial States now provide basic naval force limit from their ports. (ie, not buildings)
    - Vassals & Colonial states now provide land force limits to their overlords.

    # Combat
    - Tweaked terrain penalties on combat width and attacker a bit down .
    - Units now take 10% more morale damage in combat.
    - Each day, every unit in a combat now loses 0.01 morale.
    - Native ferocity now also reduce damage taken.
    - Shattered retreat now have a cap of no longer than 10 provinces.
    - A unit retreating shattered will now stop retreating when it reaches maximum morale.
    - The prestige from naval/land combat modifier now increases the cap of how much you can get from a combat as well.

    # Colonisation
    - Overseas provinces now give production income again, but with a -100% local production efficiency.
    - Colonial Nations are now formed if you own more than 5 provinces in the same colonial region in the New World, and you lose core on these provinces.
    - Colonial nations have a 10% penalty on their colonists giving a boost & only get 25% growth in their colonies.
    - Colonies now properly autocore when they become a city.
    - Fixed an inconsistency between displayed and actual settler growth
    - You can now colonise adjacent to colonial subjects.
    - No Adjacent Controlled penalty on colonial growth is not applied adjacent to your colonial subjects.

    # Cores
    - The cores of annexed nations now take twice as long to disappear
    - Reduced core decay time for same culture group to 100 years from 150
    - Colonial conquest outside of region for a colony to core is 75% cost and 25% inside their colonial region.
    - Fixed an issue with cores not disappearing on the correct dates.

    # Comets
    - Comet Sighted is a bit more rare now.
    - Having the scottish national idea "Comets" now properly reduces the chance of Comet Sighted significantly.
    - Comet Sighted now have another option for those that like choice.

    # Diplomacy
    - Cancelling vassalization will now create a truce with the released state
    - Cancelling vassalization now only results in losing 25 prestige (no stability hit)
    - Royal marriages will not break if a regent dies.
    - Subjects no longer get expansion cb's.
    - Subjects to a player can not become lucky nations.
    - Subject nations can no longet sell provinces

    # Opinions
    - Fixed broken opinion modifiers for vassal states
    - Added opinion bonuses for having union, colonial or protectorate dependency.
    - Large countries no longer get any additional AE for being large when gaining AE.
    - AE reduction for giving away provinces is now applied to the country giving up the provinces.
    - Some cases where AE was not scaling over the world, now scales properly.
    - Fixed some inconsistencies in the AE system caused by leftover code from the old BB system

    # War & Peace
    - If you send a stabhitting peaceoffer, your callforpeace penalty is reset.
    - Scripting separate badboy_factor and prestige_factor for defender in wargoal now works
    - Rescripted all wargoals that use separate attacker/defender settings
    - wargoals are now applied at all cases in peacescore calculations.
    - Release Nation and Annex now deducts provinces ceded properly when calculating final peacescore.
    - CORECLAIM_PEACE_COST_DIP_FRACTION in two separate cost reductions
    - CORE_PEACE_COST_DIP_FRACTION now gives 20% reduction
    - Not possible to call to arms if they are already called
    - If you are a daimyo and force another daimyo to release another daimyo, then that daimyo will become a proper vassal of Japan now.
    - Making a country a protectorate will now break all their alliances

    # Pagans
    - Religious conversion of pagans is now +2% instead of +10%.
    - Pagans no longer have a penalty on defensiveness, but get a -1 rr.
    - Nerfed pagan religions.

    # Holy Roman Empire
    - Leaving the empire at Revoking the Privilegia also removes electorateship.
    - Emperor now gets claim on all provinces previously in the empire when someone leaves it.
    - Electors no longer have a -50 to vassalization when the empire is inheritable.
    - Having less electors than desired is now an actual penalty on the imperial authority.

    # Misc
    - Removed obsolete colonial type rebels.
    - Governments that cannot use royal marriages will now get a random ruler on startup if they have a Regency.
    - Inflation from gold income now checks versus ALL monthly income types.
    - Mecca and Rome are now religious centers, which are practically impossible to convert.

    # AI

    # Strategic AI
    - AI: Added proper logic for raising tariffs
    - AI: Will not launch any overseas invasions if they are a colonial nation
    - AI: Will no longer desire a province simply because it contains a strait
    - Fixed a bug where the AI would be hostile to countries it had no interest in conquering or vassalizing
    - Improved AI army strength evaluation logic when planning a war
    - AI: More consistent about which countries it wants to conquer versus which countries it wants to vassalize/make protectorate
    - AI: Better at using multiple colonists at once
    - AI: Migrants will not bother with buildings unless they have a large amount of cash
    - AI: Will no longer create more generals than it needs
    - AI: Smarter about where to assign their best leaders
    - AI: Will no longer hold up peace to chase down scattered colonial holdings when it has won a crushing victory
    - AI: Should no longer select colonies as rivals unless they are a colonial country under a different overlord
    - AI: Should no longer select vassals as rivals under most circumstances
    - AI: Colonial nations will now only colonize territory that is either adjacent or in their own colonial region
    - AI: Will now prefer to focus on a single colonial region at a time when colonizing
    - AI: Less likely to pick the 'Threatened' attitude over 'Outraged' against countries with high AE
    - AI: Will now never move its capital to an isolated province
    - AI: More prio on making protectorates out of countries that are impeding bringing trade home

    # Decision & Event AI
    - AI better at taking blasphemy_act, act_of_uniformity, sunday_school, conventicle_act and test_act
    - 80% chance of AI picking option A in event 874 "Tensions between nobles and clergy"

    # Diplomatic AI
    - AI: Will no longer insult countries just for having a high opinion of them unless it is planning a war with them
    - AI: Less willing to be vassalized by a non-HRE state if they are an HRE state
    - AI: Will no longer make protectorates out of primitives unless they too are primitives
    - AI: Now slightly less willing to make peace if it is a separate peace
    - AI: Will now cancel treaties of military access and fleet basing rights it is granting to countries if relations with those countries deteriorate
    - Colonial nations are now much more interested in buying provinces in their colonial region
    - AI: Will no longer care about annuling treaties that do not contain an alliance

    # Trade AI
    - AI: Will no longer send merchants to a node that has no trade value
    - AI: Will now make more use of embargos
    - AI: Now takes into account other countries' steering when determining what node to steer trade to
    - AI: Better at determining when collecting in capital is worth it over other options
    - Tweaked financial AI to make it better at assigning trade fleets for maximum income
    - Trade AI now also weights in potential incoming trade when evaluating a node.
    - When the AI request a new trade fleet it will now NOT receive damaged units

    Army AI:
    - AI: Now takes into account nomad shock bonus for the purposes of estimating strength of armies
    - AI: Now pays more attention to supply limits when deciding to attach to friendly armies
    - AI: Will no longer attach to units that are boarding transports
    - AI: Fixed some issues with army AI incorrectly weighting odds against enemy units at low levels of morale
    - AI: Improved army AI logic for determining when an ally needs assistance in battle
    - AI: Now factors in effect of terrain when determining whether to stay put and face an incoming enemy
    - AI: Will no longer always attempt to retreat 1 day ahead of an incoming enemy
    - AI: More likely to walk home instead of using ships when exiled in territories close to home
    - Fixed a bug where AI units would keep moving to attack a province and then abort because they wrongly calculated on support from nearby friendly units
    - Fixed an issue in army AI that was causing AI to 'dance' between targets
    - Fixed a bug where you could lock up AI armies by repeatedly moving into and then cancelling movement into their province.

    Navy AI:
    - AI: Will no longer care about invading unimportant enemy islands unless they have nothing better to do

    AI Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed a bug where AI armies would stand around doing nothing next to enemy armies due to low manpower
    - Fixed a bug where the AI checked military access desire instead of vassal desire.
    - Fixed a bug where the AI would lift sieges because a friendly army passing through was mistaken as wanting to take over the siege
    - Fixed some issues with countries incorrectly getting the vassal attitude towards other countries who were not their overlord
    - Fixed a bug where the AI would continually start and abort invasions on heavily defended targets
    - Fixed a bug that was breaking the Suggest Offer option when the enemy had low warscore
    - Fixed a bug that was causing the AI to make very odd picks for rivals
    - Fixed a bug where exiled AI armies would not return home because of nearby rebel armies
    - Fixed a bug where the AI would maintain rivalries with countries long after those countries ceased to be relevant to them
    - Fixed a bug where the AI would win an independence war but not demand independence because they preferred core provinces
    - Fixed a bug where the AI could demand vassalage on behalf of an ally even when not war leader
    - Fixed a bug that was causing the AI to overpriorizie collecting downstream from capital
    - Fixed a bug where the AI would be extremely unwilling to make peace due to having more max manpower than current manpower
    - Fixed a bug where the AI would lift sieges because a friendly army passing through was mistaken as wanting to take over the siege
    - Fixed some inconsistencies in the AE system caused by leftover code from the old BB system

    - Made some optimizations with the AI, distance calculations and diplomatic actions.
    - AI Personalities are now visible in the interface
    - Interregnums after game start will now correctly show up as such
    - Optimized diplomatic AI.

    # Multiplayer

    - Fixed one hotjoin-oos by always saving ColonySize and NativeSizeBeforeMigration in savegame.
    - Fixed the error code N_0_2.
    - Fixed bug where options got stuck in MP if Ironman was enabled in SP before.
    - Dynamic dynasties assigned ingame to historical monarchs now gets reset on resign (potential OOS fix)
    - Removed 50mb limit to transfered savegames in MP
    - Hotjoin: _nMilitaryRatingCache are now saved in savegame.
    - Server no longer gets a popup and pauses the game if a player tries to hotjoin a non-hotjoin MP-game.
    - Clients no longer gets banned for quitting the game.
    - It's now possible to open and use the regular ingame chat during the hotjoin process.
    - The "Paused by server"-message no longer gets stuck after hotjoin.
    - It's now possible to open and use the regular ingame chat during the hotjoin process.
    - Hotjoin: Trust is now always saved in savegame.
    - Hotjoin: SupplyRangeCache is now loaded correctly.
    - The "Paused by server"-message no longer gets stuck after hotjoin.
    - The "Server lost"-message is now displayed correctly if the host has disconnected.
    - Host server interface no longer clears server name when closing and opening the interface
    - When playing coop, the economy sliders now updates correctly for both players.
    - Game setup: Fixed chat log being cleared when clicking "historical start"

    # Interface Improvements

    # General
    - Can now change province capital names
    - Can now toggle whether you want others to be able to attach to your units or not
    - Added alert_high_liberty_desire
    - Terra Incognita is now shown when loading save games
    - Possible to right-click through on map combat interface
    - Tutorial selection: Display chapter title and description correctly if going back after selection
    - Fixed army size tooltip
    - City sprawl now visible again in the lobby (base size on base tax)
    - Added some interface information about Republics in Regencies getting randomly generated rulers on game start
    - Added missing GFX_combat_terrain_coastline
    - Added missing GFX_combat_terrain_woods
    - Fixed missing combat terrain GFX_combat_terrain_forest
    - Minimap: Generate based on topology
    - Minimap: Hide areas that are in TI
    - The player names are now updated properly on map in player mapmode in game setup.
    - Incompatible savegames now has a icon.
    - The correct tooltip for build cost are now shown for mercenaries.
    - The Fort Defense value in the siege interface are now correctly updated when sieging back provinces from rebels.
    - The log is now cleared when loading savegame ingame.
    - Countries may now have a separate mapcolor (political mapmode etc) and countrycolor
    - Alert for troops in foreign territory is no longer shown for any type of subject provinces.
    - Over diplomatic relations alert now lists all relations in the delayed tooltip.
    - Changed order which relations are checked for the purpose of coloring the on-map unitinterfaces
    - DIPLO_HAS_SUBJECTS will no longer be shown if the country isn't independent
    - Trade interface: Disabled trade node connection buttons for undiscovered locations

    # Tabs
    - It is now clearer that Religious Unity also includes modifiers and not only provinces.
    - Updated local income tooltip to include yearly income from provinces
    - Fixed mismatch between the War Exhaustion value in defender of the faith-tooltip and the value in stability view.
    - Extended the box that shows accepted cultures.
    - Added AI personality icon in the diplomacy view.
    - Better explanation for yearly increase in tooltip for advisor-cost in economy view.

    # Mapmodes
    - Opinion and coalition mapmode no longe gives tooltips for sea provinces.
    - Fixed better tooltips in HRE mapmode.
    - Occupied provinces no longer gets stripes in trade mapmode.
    - Added a color to continents
    - Changed the hideous color of Germany

    # Diplomacy
    - Enemy of Enemy opinion modifier tooltip displays monthly ticks
    - Fixed a bunch of missing cancel descriptions for diplomatic actions
    - Updated tooltip for Excommunication to reflect the actual CB
    - Added country name to annexation/integration tooltip
    - Display prestige loss in summary text when conceding defeat
    - It is now clearer which country becomes vassal or protectorate
    - Added estimated completion date to Improve Relation tooltip
    - Leader and "war leader may not demand peace" icon tooltips no longer overlaps.

    # Province
    - Fixed better tooltip for tax in province view. (It's now explained that it's the yearly income)
    - Terrain picture now shown in province view if the resolution is high enough.
    - Rebel-controlled provinces will no longer say "noreligion of rebels" as state religion
    - The province history view are now properly updated when changing province while looking at it.

    # Ledger
    - Added a ledger page for possible colonies.
    - Added a ledger page for income type comparisons between countries.
    - Culture piecharts in ledger now shows the same values as being used to determine when cultures become accepted or not

    # Messages
    - Can now see personality of another country's new ruler in new monarch message
    - Added go to button to 20+ messages
    - Shields in popups now work again
    - End of Combat message: Fixed misaligned OK button
    - End of Combat message: Siege icon no longer visible for naval combat
    - End of Combat message: Fixed missing maneuver tooltip
    - We guarantee other is no longer a message pop-up by default.

    # User Modding

    # Console
    - Added console command: add_liberty_desire
    - Added console commands for add and remove claims
    - Added console command: "form_union"
    - Added fps-info to the debug_info-command.

    # Effects
    - Added a add_tariff_value effect
    - Added add_liberty_desire effect
    - form_coalition_against effect now works properly.
    - create_colony effect now takes the actual number of settlers
    - Added effect scopes random_subject_country and every_subject_country
    - Added effect multiply_variable
    - Added effect divide_variable
    - All variable effects can now take a second variable as an argument
    - Added a 'create_protectorate' effect.
    - added a 'add_yearly_manpower' effect.

    # Triggers
    - Added triggers num_of_protectorates & num_of_colonial_subjects
    - Renamed the trigger tariff_efficiency to tariff_value
    - Added trigger scopes any_subject_country and all_subject_country
    - Added trigger num_of_diplomatic_relations
    - Added trigger num_of_free_diplomatic_relations
    - Added custom_trigger_tooltip trigger
    - Added trigger has_new_dynasty
    - Added trigger has_conlonial_parent
    - Added real_month_of_year, real_day_of_year triggers. True if value highter or equal to date. not valid in MP
    - Check_variable trigger now works the same way as variable effects
    - added an 'is_protectorate' trigger.
    - Added liberty desire trigger
    - Added colonial region trigger
    - Added is_colonial_nation_of trigger
    - Added is_colonial_nation trigger
    - Added is_former_colonial_nation trigger

    # Modifiers
    - Added a local_hostile_attrition modifier.
    - Removed overseas income modifier.
    - Removed colonial_time modifiers as they were not relevant anymore.

    # Misc
    - All variable effects and triggers can now take a scope as an argument
    - Added event scope colonial_parent
    - You can now force provinces to be viewed as coastal. dont use on non-sea.
    - Added GetDateText, GetDate, GetYear and GetMonth to eventscopetext.cpp
    - Added disallow_random_new_world that can be used for mods
    - Added colonial_region context scope
    - Added GetWomanMan to monarchtext

    # Achievements & Ironman

    - Fixed a bug which caused the It's All About Luck achievement to not fire.
    - Najd now has +5 missionary strength at start, and hanbali schools give an additional missionary.
    - achievement_ruina_imperii no longer completes if united by HLR
    - Jihad, World conquest and 3 mountains achievement now works if remaining nations are your subjects as well.
    - "Jihad" achievement now requires 500 provinces, and full religious unity.
    - Ironman saves should now allways look like iron man saves in gamesetup
    - Show ironman indicator on local games
    - Game setup: Disable ironman checkbox when steam is not available

    # Events & Decisions

    # Events
    - Added in the forum contest events.
    - Fixed a missing modifier in event colonial_nation.199
    - Added event for spawning the nation of Funj in empty provinces in Sudan.
    - Funj now gets an event to convert to Islam after they have formed.
    - Event The Act of Supremacy now requires 15% protestant provinces
    - Events 3076 and 3079 now gives modifier with duration 730 instead of 50
    - Event flavor_rus.1106 "flavor_rus.1106" kills off any remaining her
    - Event flavor_rus.1109 "False Dimitri Overthrown" kills off any remaining heir
    - Event flavor_rus.1110 "End of the Time of Troubles" kills off any remaining heir
    - Event flavor_boh.1 "Hussites march on Prague" kills off any remaining heir
    - Event flavor_dan.4 "Support monarch or pretender?" kills off any remaining heir
    - Event flavor_fra.3148 "Napolťon Bonaparte" kills off any remaining heir
    - Event flavor_mam.4 "Cyprus response" kills off any remaining heir
    - Event muslim_piety.20 "Iqta: Underage ruler is replaced" kills off remaining heir
    - Event 9462 "Scheming Bureaucracy" now has a MTTH of 10000 and AI will never take option B
    - Event 9462 "Scheming Bureaucracy" will no longer fire for nations that are not independent
    - Option C in event flavor_rus.3413 now gives -1 stab instead of +1
    - Fixed a broken advisor trigger in an Trade Company event.
    - Events flavor_tur.108 and flavor_tur.109 now removes the modifier increased_janissary_recruitment
    - Upped MTTH for event Colonial Ventures to 600
    - Event Colonial Ventures will no longer fire if you already have one of the modifiers
    - tweaked some empire events.
    - Fixed triggers for events Excellent Viceroys and Corrupt Viceroys
    - Event "Saint Performs Miracle" now gives 25 papal influence instead of 5
    - rebalanced 'levying additional taxes" flavor event for japan.
    - Event "The End of the Hundred Years War" now ignores the province of Calais
    - Event colonial_nation.4 "Freedom Fighter or Rebel?" now spawns events for colonial parent
    - Fixed missing province flag in event flavor_spa.3560
    - Event usa_dlc.10 now check for modifier articles_of_confederation instead of flag
    - Event 9010 now check for modifier jap_red_ship_timer instead of flag
    - Event flavor_pol.3481 now checks for flag librium_veto and not liberum_veto
    - Manchu will no longer appear to lose their ideas when reforming out of Tribal government
    - Events flavor_tur.108 and flavor_tur.109 now removes the modifier increased_janissary_recruitment
    - Upped MTTH for event Colonial Ventures to 600
    - Event Colonial Ventures will no longer fire if you already have one of the modifiers
    - Event 9462 "Scheming Bureaucracy" now has a MTTH of 10000 and AI will never take option B
    - Event 9462 "Scheming Bureaucracy" will no longer fire for nations that are not independent
    - Option C in event flavor_rus.3413 now gives -1 stab instead of +1
    - Fixed triggers for events Excellent Viceroys and Corrupt Viceroys
    - Event "Saint Performs Miracle" now gives 25 papal influence instead of 5
    - rebalanced 'levying additional taxes" flavor event for japan.
    - Event "The End of the Hundred Years War" now ignores the province of Calais
    - Fixed missing province flag in event flavor_spa.3560
    - Added missing script flag to event civil_war.5
    - Colonial election events now only give -5 prestige hit and only +/- 1 liberty desire
    - Event 9010 now check for modifier jap_red_ship_timer instead of flag
    - Event flavor_pol.3481 now checks for flag librium_veto and not liberum_veto
    - Russian Grand Embassy event series now targets a western tech country
    - new flagship event is now more fun.
    - Event ideagroups.1407 "Timber Surplus" only triggers if owning a port
    - usa_dlc.5 can now fire as soon as USA is formed
    - usa_dlc.5 will not fire if already has the usa_declaration_independence_flag
    - Tolerance convert events will no longer target province with the religious_zeal_at_conv modifier
    - Fixed events flavor_lit.1 and flavor_lit.2 "Wave of Protestantism" / "Wave of Calvinism"
    - usa_dlc.41 now discovers great_plains and northwestern_america instead
    - Option B in event flavor_lit.12 now cost 25 adm power
    - The Braveheart event is now a proper province event again
    - Event 1061 "Aspiration for liberty" now gets a modifier instead of direkt rr in every province
    - Event 3077 no longer checks for 4 and 5 star advisors
    - Event 5090 "Noble Family Requests Aid" will no longer fire for non-monarchies
    - Event 724 "Clergy condemns philosopher as heretic!" won't trigger if already have the modifiers
    - Removed the stab hit from event flavor_eng.9121
    - Military Divided event no longer reduces stability, but reduces mil power by 25.
    - Statute in Restrain of Appeals decreases MTTH for Spread of Protestantism/Calvinism
    - EVTNAME851 now reads "The House of DYNASTY is shaken"

    # Decisions
    - Tweaked lots of triggers for decisions to fit eu4 better.
    - Added nation forming decisions for all old colonial nations
    - Decision move_capital_to_warsawa now available for PLC
    - enforce_sakoku_law now requires either 75 prestige or republican tradition
    - Decisions for formable colonial nations now visible even after someone has formed them
    - importation act no long nerfs tech.
    - East India Trade Company is now valid for any westernised nation not in asia.
    - Tweaked triggers for naval_convoy_system
    - restore_byzantine_empire now changes government to imperial_government
    - Restoring the Byzantine Empire now gives Byzantine national ideas
    - Ottomans can no longer rename to Byzantine Empire.
    - The Anti Piracy Act and Hire Privateers are no longer mutually exclusive
    - Removed province 548 West Berar from requirement of hindustan_nation_eastern_aryan decision
    - Swedish military reforms are now less potent.
    - Manchu will no longer appear to lose their ideas when reforming out of Tribal government
    - Modifier hsa_military_reform no longer gives negative army and navy tradition

    # Setup

    # Major
    - Reworked map of Eastern Africa.
    - Reworked map of North America.
    - Boosted basetax in brazil, la plata, spanish main, mexico & central america
    - Added river estuary modifiers to Stadacona, Manhattan and Swampy Cree
    - Removed Center of Trade modifier from Stadacona and Manhattan
    - Mombasa now have a trade centre modifier.
    - Lappland, Kola and Karelia now starts as cities
    - African units now have cavalry
    - Asian level 4 now have correct cavalry

    # Minor
    - Moved some provinces from Asia to Europe
    - Revised a lot of province cultures in South America
    - Fixed a few amount of scope bugs in various events
    - Fixed a scope bug with ROOT/FROM in wargoals
    - Fixed a scope bug with Russian Grand Embassy event series
    - Fixed bad from-scope when evaluating missions.
    - Changed trade goods to naval_supplies in 137 Ragusa
    - Changed basetax and manpower to 5 and 3 for 137 Ragusa
    - Updated some province history for 137 Ragusa
    - Mission monopolize_japanese_cot can only trigger once
    - Fixed some bugs to Indian alliances
    - Oran, Mellila, Tantiers & Ceuta are now slighlty larger so its possible to click on them
    - Renamed Swahili to Kilwa
    - Sofala is worth less tax, Mombasa & Lamu worth more.
    - 481 - Bermuda now belongs to colonial_eastern_america
    - Removed the_spanish_main from fur trade good
    - kashgar is now in kashmir tradenode.
    - ogaden is now in gulf of aden tradenode, like all other adjacent to it.
    - Renamed the capital of Malta to Mdina
    - SAV_ideas are now valid for Sardinia-Piedmont as well
    - al_misr_arabic is now Egyptian
    - al_suryah_arabic is now Syrian
    - al_iraqiya_arabic is now Mashriqi
    - maghreb_arabic is now Maghrebi
    - Bedouin Arabic is now Bedouin
    - Added native values to all settled provinces in North America
    - Moved guajiro to the carribean culture group
    - Split South American culture group into Andean, Je-Tupi and Chonan groups
    - insult_rival mission no longer trigger if you already have a cb_insult or a truce
    - Fixed and tweaked country history files for ENG and GBR
    - Split off South Georgia form Falklands
    - Hunyad and Maros are no longer occupied by on-existent Transylvania in 1507
    - Mission subjugate_algiers no longer fires unless Algeria exists
    - Fixed a missing modifier in event colonial_nation.199
    - Fixed wrong independence date for Nipmuc and Munsee
    - Removed legacy nationalism flags from country history files
    - Removed Japanese occupation of 1015 in history due to no war
    - Removed French occupation of 102 in history due to no war
    - Changed province name Ajuraan to Ajuuraan, same as the country
    - Renamed province 2023 from Lenape to Munsee
    - Mission reclaim_jerusalem is now for Europe only
    - Mission restore_holy_see is now for Europe only
    - Mission keep_rival_out_of_italy is now for Europe only
    - Mission italian_ambition is now for Europe only
    - establish_canada_colony will no longer fire if colonial vassal has presence
    - establish_usa_colony will no longer fire if colonial vassal has presence
    - establish_carribean_colony will no longer fire if colonial vassal has presence
    - Fixed the history file for 612 Thang Long
    - Lorraine is now part of the Hundred Years War
    - Replace comanche culture with shoshone
    - Russian annex missions will no longer trigger for subject nations
    - Pisa losts its University.
    - Placed the remaining north american cultures into correct culture groups
    - Remowed SWE-NOR alliace of 1814
    - england now discovers powhatan in 1584.
    - recently formed republics are less shaky when starting at later bookmarkes.
    - ambrosian republic can now be forceconverted away.
    - Updated African alliances to include new protectorate mechanic
    - Removed Japanese occupation of 1015 in history due to no war
    - Removed French occupation of 102 in history due to no war
    - powhatan is now northeastern american region, not eastern.
    - finish_reconquista now only succeeds if the mission country owns all targeted provinces
    - Switched names between units tags african_dragoon and african_hussar
    - Added mesoamerican_spearmen as the mesoamerican base unit
    - Updated historical_units for meso- and south american countries
    - royal_marriage_threat now checks for num_of_free_diplomatic_relations = 1
    - royal_marriage_mission now checks for num_of_free_diplomatic_relations = 1
    - Divided the new_world units into the three new groups
    - Added province history files for seven wasteland provinces
    - Macau is now in the correct place
    - Less chance of english_colony_in_the_carribean mission if it has a colony in the region
    - insult_rival mission no longer trigger if you already have a cb_insult or a truce
    - The usa_declaration_independence_flag is now set in the USA country history file
    - Mission subjugate_algiers no longer fires unless Algeria exists
    - Interregnums after game start will now correctly show up as such
    - finish_reconquista now only succeeds if the mission country owns all targeted provinces

    # Stability & Performance

    - Fixed CTD when running a save game from 1.1.
    - Fixed CTD when loading a save game from in-game.
    - Fixed CTD in sell province diplomatic action.
    - Fixed CTD when quiting the game.
    - Fixed CTD when "on_peace_actor" was triggered.
    - Fixed CTD when listing many cloud save games.
    - Fixed CTD related to removed factions.
    - Fixed CTD when reading production_leader_tag from save game.
    - Fixed a potential CTD with non-owned provinces being regarded as cities.
    - Added safety code for if we fail to read a file from the Steam cloud.
    - Optimized handling of large amount of country tags (checks against currently active countries instead of all of them).
    - Multi-threaded new save game zips.
    - Optimized the start-up slightly (no longer do unnecessary opinion calculations when the history is being read).

    # Major Bugfixes

    - Fixed issues with downloading large mods on Linux and OSX
    - Found a major bug with how missions are saved
    - Pending events now gets the correct scope when loaded from savegame.
    - Pending events now saved as namespace names
    - Pending events that is broken, (unlikeley) will be dropped
    - Tagchange should no longer leave leftover merchants of the previous tag

    # Minor Bugfixes

    - Fixed bug where all opinioncache-values was inited to -10.
    - Fixed some broken localisation.
    - Fixed some problems with trade ship logic and the Western Europe trade node
    - Fixed a bug that was causing cores to instantly disappear when a country was annexed in the late game
    - Fixed French localisation issues regarding historical scores and achievements
    - Modifiers Primas Germaniae and Legatus Natus are no longer lost after a month
    - Now possible to trade in your homenode even if its out of range
    - Fixed an exploit where you could move out of Celestial Empire government without losing factions
    - Removed unused script flag from several events.
    - Fixed spelling, typos & grammar errors where discovered.
    - Fixed a bug with trade fleets aborting their missions due to bad supply range calcs
    - Fixed a bug where trade fleets could be assigned to nodes where they could not patrol by right-clicking the node
    - Lithuania will no longer steal Kazimierz as a leader after the union.
    - Ignore height elevation when calculating if on map icon should be visible
    - Fixed fleet icons being stuck at edges of screen
    - Fixed missing combat terrain GFX_combat_terrain_forest
    - Don't send Merchant arrived/canceled messages for undiscovered countries
    - Fixed cursor when moving into TI
    - Fixed bug where the macrobuildinterface showed wrong naval units.
    - Fixed a bug where union leaders sometimes ended up in junior partners armies after a reload.
    - coring time is now properly set at reload of a savegame.
    - Fixed mismatch in combat between first participating country and first unit
    - Annexing in peace now costs the correct amount of DIP power
    - fixed a bug which caused you to sometimes get higher legitimacy penalty when accepting a royal marriage.
    - Fixed bug where the macrobuildinterface showed wrong naval units.
    - Fixed bug where hire merc-button was disabled.
    - Fixed a bug with set age in define_heir effect
    - Fixed a bug where fleets would retreat into provinces where they could not repair
    - Fixed bug where countries could complete conquer-missions when another country conquers the target.
    - Fixed a bug where union leaders sometimes ended up in junior partners armies after a reload.
    - Fixed a bug with rebel hunting units where they would constantly move back and forth between two provinces due to nearby enemy armies
    - Custom province names now gets reset when resetting gamestate.
    - Vassals who are in a coalition against their overlord because of being forcevassalized by their coalition target in a war will now have their coalition membership cleared the next day
    - hre_strip_glow is now following the hre-button, wherever it is.
    - integrate is now properly blocked when a target capital is occupied, not overlords.

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    1. Crusader Kings
    2. Dev diaries

    As promised in the dev diary yesterday, here is the (virtually complete) change log for patch 2.0:

    Old save games should be fully compatible, but we will provide a 1.111 branch on Steam if anyone should want to complete a game on the old patch level.

    - Ironman mode
    - Steam Achievements
    - Steam Workshop support
    - Religious (non-heretic) rebels
    - Support for the metaserver dropped
    - Women can now die in childbirth, and there can be other complications, like illness and sickly infants

    - Waived the creation conditions (culture, religion) for most kingdoms and empires for human players
    - Having a marriage alliance now increases opinion by 30 (quite useful vs liege or vassals)
    - Reduced the overall revolt risk
    - Fixed a bug where you could not fire the leader of the right flank if the left flank had no leader
    - You now get and lose the -1 "raised troops" opinion penalty from vassals every 61 days instead of every 73 days
    - You no longer get any liege levies from vassals with a negative opinion of you
    - There is now a +50 opinion bonus when a liege is the primary defender in a war against foreigners
    - Increased the opinion bonus to +75 when a liege is the primary defender in a holy war (and improved the check)
    - A Holding owner's personal martial skill now affects the levy size (exported as HOLDING_LEVY_SIZE_OWNER_MARTIAL_BASE and HOLDING_LEVY_SIZE_OWNER_MARTIAL_MULT)
    - Armies on ships are capped at 50% morale
    - Levy maintenance costs increased by 50%
    - Mercenary maintenance increased by 20%
    - Increased the cost of reinforcing retinues by 20%
    - Levy sizes now depend on the de jure region they are in (the most in the capital county, the least outside the capital empire.)
    - No longer allowed to retract barony tier vassals from their de jure count
    - Murderers are now revealed in Observe mode (no "suspicious accidents")
    - Non-theocracy lieges are now only allowed to create single county or barony temple vassals (bishoprics)
    - Non-theocracy lieges can no longer create neighboring county tier bishops
    - You are now only allowed to have a certain percentage of counties under theocracy vassals (MAX_THEOCRACY_COUNTIES_IN_REALM)
    - You are now only allowed to have a certain percentage of counties under republic vassals (MAX_REPUBLIC_COUNTIES_IN_REALM)
    - Added major events for the enabling of Christian Crusades (the CB) and Holy Orders
    - Added major events for the enabling of Muslim Jihads (the CB) and Holy Orders
    - Added major events for the enabling of Pagan Great Holy Wars (the CB)
    - Added some more detail to many heresies (Cathars can have female priests, etc)
    - Added heads of religion for five heresies: d_fraticelli, d_iconoclast, d_yazidi, d_ibadi and d_hurufi
    - Added major decisions to create the Fraticelli and Iconoclast religious heads
    - Can now elect females as bishops in versions of Christianity scripted to allow that
    - Fixed a bug with mercenaries and holy orders not disbanding their special troops
    - Rebalanced the Volley Harass combat tactic
    - Pagan festivals now provide the advertised opinion boost to vassals
    - Heirs denied the chance to join the Varangian Guard no longer get the event where they return home upon inheriting
    - The Saoyshant Descendant trait is now properly granted to grandchildren when becoming the Saoyshant
    - The Saoyshant Descendant trait is now granted to all descendants regardless of gender
    - Removed the checks in certain events for the obsolete Duchy of Oxford
    - The heretic_friend_timer modifier is now properly hidden in event 100180
    - Councillors in Republics now use titles appropriate to their religion and culture
    - The Pentarchy events will now only trigger for Orthodox Byzantine/Roman rulers
    - Baron-tier Patricians are now able to fabricate claims
    - Eunuchs will no longer ask to be given a title
    - Concubines will no longer have marriage ambitions as they cannot get married
    - Concubines can now have the ambition to have a daughter
    - Added non-Christian/non-Muslim option to event 4140
    - Characters of a religion where priests are not allowed to marry will now divorce their wives if ordained
    - Traits blocking inheritance no longer apply for Temple titles
    - Fixed some bugs with how dead spouses are handled
    - Most rebel units now disband if they win
    - Fixed a bug with the 'potential' check of traits after a religion change
    - Made adventures a bit less common
    - Corrected some minor errors in various pulse events
    - Increased the default bishop opinion of the Pope
    - Increased the opinion of their liege for invested bishops
    - Lowered the opinion bonus for bishops vs their liege under Free Investiture
    - Slightly lowered tax rates from bishops to both the Pope and antipopes
    - New randomly generated bishops and mayors now get the local liege's culture rather than the top liege's
    - Installing an antipope as Pope now makes him like you a lot more
    - Added event where rebels kill random characters after taking a holding (TOG.1190)
    - Cut the Bektashi Shiite heresy
    - The decisions to create Hungary and Leon can no longer be taken when at war
    - Norse Pagan Reformed barons now use the correct title
    - Event 100180 will no longer trigger for heretic characters
    - Event 39001 will no longer trigger for heretic characters
    - Fixed a bug where minor baronies could go independent when they should not
    - Fixed a bug with the war score in revoke vassal title plots
    - Reduced the amount of non-claimant adventures out of player empires
    - Female rulers can now always get married, even in religions with polygamy and concubinage
    - Made prepared invasions by AI vassals in player empires rarer
    - Fixed a crash bug with real fathers set from event effects sometimes being deleted
    - The Aztecs, Mongols and Seljuks now spawn with more but smaller regiments
    - Added more severe opinion penalties to assassination plots being discovered
    - Fixed a bug where counties could be deprived of _any_ holder through 'gain_settlements_under_title' and related event effects
    - Fixed a bug with the subjugation CB where the winner could become the vassal of the loser
    - Fixed a bug with event 3686 where you could fall in love with close relatives
    - Fixed a rare memory leak in diplomatic actions
    - Fixed a minor glitch with the Aztec emperor appearing in and leaving your court on arrival
    - Fixed a bug where the grant minor title message would always say "REGENT"
    - Fixed a bug preventing the granting of bishoprics to females even if the religion allows it
    - Fixed a bug where the "cousin" relation would not always be correctly calculated
    - A character's original birth name is now shown in the tooltip if he or she has a regnal name (e.g. popes)
    - Tweaked the outcome of the Improve Relations chancellor job. The effect lasts longer, but is less powerful and somewhat harder to get.
    - Fixed a potential CTD in declare war interaction
    - Fixed a CTD caused by attacking siege leader dying while siegeview was open
    - When ransoming a courtier that has money, that character's money will now be used towards paying the ransom, and if they have enough money for the whole ransom their liege will not have to pay anything at all
    - Opinion boost for releasing a prisoner is now +5 opinion per tier of their primary title (so +5 for a Baron, +10 for a Count etc).
    - Entering observe mode will now automatically lift FoW
    - Charinfo console command is now a proper toggle and does not require additional input
    - Added a bottleneck logic to battles where the defender benefits from the surrounding terrain to make the opponent fight on his terms.
    - Failing flank is much more punishing now, a surrounded flank or a failing mmid-flank are catastrophic.
    - Tweaked Teutonic order to be more infantry oriented.
    - Holy orders and Mercenaries are now split into several sub units which can be put on different flanks or different units.
    - Now generates courtiers to mercenaries and holy orders so they can be put as leader for the sub-units.
    - Fixed some bugs with the customization DLC's renaming of landed titles with cultural names.
    - Fixed a bug where fabricate claims plot wouldn't end when the title was destroyed
    - Fixed a bug where all constructed settlements were counted as trade posts
    - Fixed a bug for multiplayer character selection which enabled multiple people to play as the same character
    - Fixed a bug where invaders of the same kingdom weren't hostile towards eachother
    - Fixed a bug where removal of certain traits caused the game to stop responding
    - Fixed a bug where attached units would remain attached even if the leading unit was an enemy
    - Fixed a bug where AI didn't invite people to the fabricate claim plot
    - Fixed a bug where you could having a landed title with zero holdings under it's control
    - Fixed a bug where character attributes for characters were in some cases incorrectly read
    - Fixed a bug where all baron subvassals were transferred upon title usurpation

    - Fixed a bug where titular titles would hide certain other titles
    - Fixed a bug where character editor property values went out of range
    - Family tree now shows dynasty relation
    - Fixed a bug where dead popes would have the incorrect character portrait
    - Fixed a bug for the title loss notification for republics.
    - Fixed a bug with the ruler consort title being shown for the spouse a day after the ruler dies
    - Fixed a bug in some messages with duplicate titles ("King King Karlmann")
    - Fixed a bug with some dynasty names of event spawned characters
    - Dying a "natural death" below the age of 45 is now called dying of "poor health" instead
    - Added a missing tooltip for why you cannot nominate a bishop successor if the current bishop is not of your religion
    - If there has only been a single ruler by a certain first name, the regnal number is no longer shown
    - Improved the entry texts in the title history view a bit
    - The black bastard blood drop is now shown correctly with the new bastard dynasty system
    - Lowered the priority of faction messages to reduce spam
    - Lowered the priority of heir choices under elective monarchy to reduce spam
    - Added 'Random Character' button when selecting character
    - Added 'Split in Half' button for units
    - Player will no longer get a notification of being besieged if the besieging army is too small to take the settlement.
    - Support for native clipboard functionality.
    - Support to select text using keyboards
    - Added Quick-Split icon menu to quickly split army based on mercenaries, holy orders and retinues.
    - Tweaked amount of ships and shipbuilding tech for merchant republics.

    - Changed some time period inappropriate names in Serbia
    - Changes to the bastard children of Antso IV of Navarra
    - Added the missing mother for Jeanne de Beaumont
    - Various title corrections in the Latin Empire bookmark
    - KÝbenhavn is now called Hafn when held by Norse characters
    - Changed some time period inappropriate names in Malta and added Greek versions
    - Changes to the Plantagenet monarchs
    - Corrections for the Dukes of Silesia and other related characters
    - Changed some time period inappropriate names in Estonia
    - Louis II of Italy now has the correct Wikipedia link
    - Fixes and additions for FitzAlans and early Stewarts
    - Additions and corrections to the Roman Emperors of the Byzantine Empire title history
    - Eudokia is now the Byzantine Empress for six months in 1067
    - Added additional names for Ecumenical Patriarchs to choose from
    - Fixed the dynasty of the several bastards belonging to the de Barcelona dynasty
    - The Duke of Portucale now has an heir in 867
    - Fixes to several Slavic dynasty names
    - Character 217501 now has the correct Wikipedia link
    - Updated Counts of Gilan to ensure proper regnal numbers
    - Corrections to Wladyslaw II the Exile and his close family
    - Added a dynasty for Grand Prince Feodor of Novgorod
    - Hubert de Burgh is now correctly the Earl of Kent and Baron of Montgomery
    - Miscellaneous Capetian/Valois fixes
    - Anglo-Saxon England now has feudal elective law
    - Added new Coats of Arms for Dregovichs, Severians and Radimichs
    - Reduced effects of terrain on movement speed
    - Battles in Crusade-type wars now only have half the normal impact on warscore

    - Powerful kings and emperors will now sometimes set up antipopes
    - Cynical rulers may now sometimes switch back to Free Investiture law
    - AI characters will now hold Pagan festivals
    - Magyars are now more willing to convert even before 930
    - Fixed a bug where the AI would sometimes not marry at all if the only suitable candidates were of too low rank
    - Fixed a bug that was causing AI armies consisting of a single large regiment to endlessly split off and reabsorb empty regiments
    - AI: Will no longer split a stack if the split would create a tiny useless army
    - AI: Now takes culture, religion and province wealth into consideration when choosing capitals
    - AI: Much higher prio on holding to to the counties in its primary duchy
    - AI: More prio on keeping its demesne concentrated in a few duchies
    - AI: Will no longer accept a matrilineal marriage if the betrothal was non-matrilineal and vice versa
    - When marrying betrothed characters, the AI will now always propose the type of marriage agreed upon in the betrothral
    - Fixed some inconsistencies in AI battle odds evaluation
    - Increased AI prio on building shipyards
    - Fixed a bug that was preventing the AI from starting wars against characters with only barony level holdings
    - AI: Higher prio on helping friendly armies in battle
    - AI: Better at coordinating attacks together with their allies
    - Fixed a bug that was causing the defensive war AI to not work correctly
    - AI: Will no longer accept giving away women as concubines to characters whose religion they will not intermarry with
    - AI: Will no longer destroy King titles if AI_EMPEROR_CREATES_KINGDOMS is set to 1
    - Fixed a bug where the AI would incorrectly calculate retreating units as potential combatants when deciding to move to a province
    - AI: Fixed a bug where two AI armies from the same country would change their orders back and forth due to reacting to what the other army was doing
    - AI: Will no longer retreat from incoming enemies if it is already moving to attack those enemies
    - AI: Muslim characters no longer consider prestige effects when determining who to marry
    - Fixed a bug that was preventing the AI from reinforcing allies in battle if the enemy army was moving before starting the battle
    - AI: More prio on besieging contested provinces when the enemy has ticking warscore
    - AI: Better at coordinating its armies between fronts
    - AI: Better at coordinating its armies with allies
    - AI: Will now keep imprisoned characters that they don't want to execute/banish/revoke locked up for a while instead of instantly releasing them. The minimum lockup time depends on the importance of the character.
    - Fixed several 'lockups' in army AI where armies would get stuck bouncing between two destinations
    - AI: Will now consider the actual composition of an army when determining its strength, rather than just looking at numbers
    - AI: Now factors in effects of terrain when determining whether to attack with an army
    - Rationality now affects how well AI will calculate odds of success when attacking with its armies
    - AI: Will no longer overcommit when pursuing small enemy stacks
    - AI: Less priority on pursuing small stacks when there are more important targets
    - AI: Will now prefer fighting in its own territory when in a defensive war against opponents of superior or equal strength
    - AI: Will now consolidate several armies into a large HK stack when fighting a defensive war against a superior opponent
    - AI: Will now create Hunter-Killer stacks to chase enemy armies
    - AI: More prio on keeping its armies close together when advancing in enemy territory
    - AI: Will now lift sieges to attack enemy armies when appropriate
    - AI: Will now split up its armies into medium-sized stacks to avoid attrition
    - AI: Will no longer assault unless it has at least 10:1 numbers

    - Added support in traits for tolerance of other religion groups
    - Added 'on_vassal_accepts_religious_conversion', which now basically handles all the logic of the Demand Conversion interaction
    - Added "evil_god_names" to religions, to be used in event texts
    - Added a priest title to religions, that can be used in text
    - Added trigger 'is_father_real_father'
    - Added trigger 'any_spouse_even_if_dead'
    - Added 'priests_can_inherit' to religions
    - Added trigger 'historical' (character)
    - Added 'score' console command cheat
    - Added trigger 'score'
    - MTTH in on_action events should now be written 'weight_multiplier'. Added log error.
    - Added proper event id system for errors logs, including the namespace
    - Added 'family_palace' event target
    - Added 'on_become_doge' on-action
    - Added trigger 'republic_total_num_of_trade_posts'
    - Events with 'hide_window' now fire a valid event option if there are any
    - Added system for events marked 'notification' to be shown as messages rather than full pop-up windows
    - Added on-action 'on_county_religion_change'
    - Added trigger 'has_heresies'
    - Added event target 'parent_religion_head'
    - The event target 'religion_head' now also works in province scope
    - Added trigger 'any_province_holding'
    - Added effect 'any_province_holding'
    - Added effect 'random_province_holding'
    - Added succession law 'Appointment' for feudal vassals of Holy Orders (titles revert back to the liege on death)
    - Added event effect 'banish_religion = X'
    - Added 'can_retire_to_monastery' flag to religions
    - Added 'jewish_opinion' to traits
    - Added 'dynasty = culture' possibility to the 'create_character' effect
    - The trigger 'has_empty_holding' now also counts holdings under construction
    - Exported LEVY_MAINTENANCE_FACTOR to defines
    - Added 'monthly_income' field to landed titles for extra income
    - Temporary modifiers can now be inherited
    - Exported some AI raid parameters to defines
    - Added 'hold_election' event effect for merchant republics
    - Added support for female versions of event pictures
    - Added 'force_picture' field to events, to ignore cultural, religious, and gender variants of event pictures
    - Fixed a bug with the effect 'random_sibling' (it included dead siblings)
    - Fixed some bugs with the 'can_marry' trigger
    - Added 'GetFromFromRelation' text
    - Added on_action 'on_adulthood'
    - Added battle_warscore_mult setting to cb_types, this modifies the warscore gained from battles in wars using that CB
    - Increased the number of galleys gained from shipyards
    - Exported define AI_ALWAYS_CREATES_DUCHIES
    - Exported define BASE_AI_ARMY_SIZE
    - Added prevent decadence trait value.
    - Fixed so titles can have their own graphical culture type.
    - Added support for any triggers to count matches.
    - Added various new on_action hooks to support the achievements.
    - added like_better_than trigger
    - Added event scope text hooks for dates.

    - Fixed trigger issues for the default national ideas from EU4. Now you should get national ideas based on your culture.
    - Added Jerusalem Ideas.
    - Added Knights Templar Ideas.
    - Added Israel Ideas.
    - Added Jewish religion.
    - Added Jewish cultures.
    - Added support for major heresies to be converted to EU4.
    - Added missing horde files.
    - Fixed bug where Aztec became eastern tech group.
    - Now the Holy Roman Emperor no longer gets cores on his old vassals in EU4.

    And Crusader Kings II: Sons of Abraham expansion has released, get it here:
    by Published on 04-06-2013 10:56  Number of Views: 20116 
    1. Victoria

    Victoria II: Heart of Darkness patch 3.03 (checksum: NSPY) is now out!
    It can be downloaded from launcher or directly from here:
    http://www.paradoxplaza.com/in-game/...h3_03setup.exe for non-steam customers (patch is a 16MB download).

    Patch is live on steam now as well. Restart steam if it doesn't automatically notice the update.
    This is a small update on 3.02 to fix a crash issue. The 3.02 patch log can be seen here.
    Changelog 3.02 -> 3.03 (also included inside patch):

    by Published on 03-06-2013 11:38  Number of Views: 6306 
    1. March of the Eagles

    March of the Eagles Patch 1.02 is now live on Steam!

    Old save games should be completely compatible.


    - ships can now be captured
    - ship damage and morale tweaked
    - blockade lowers local ship repair speed
    - naval landings are slower

    - leaders need to travel to new assignments
    - leader traits can have a certain unit type as requirement
    by Published on 30-05-2013 10:45  Number of Views: 12471 
    1. Victoria

    Heart of Darkness patch 3.02 (checksum: FCKR) is now out. It can be downloaded from launcher or directly from here: ...
    by Published on 19-03-2013 10:00  Number of Views: 5591 
    1. March of the Eagles

    Patch 1.01 is now live on Steam!
    Old save games should be completely compatible.

    - Intercept works when moving to the province.
    - No merging of wars.
    - Changed retreat to have maximum days.
    - userdir.txt can now be used to set user directory (ie settings and save games)
    - Added minimize button to single unit panel.
    - low morale units cannot move into hostile provinces
    - Added disable sound and music separate and just not disable master.
    - Added weather effect on island fortress.
    - Flanks that flee during first hours of combat take more casualties

    - Mod system from CK2
    - Fixed faulty mod file handling.
    - Fixed mod savegame paths.

    by Published on 09-03-2012 16:18
    1. Crusader Kings

    The Steam version will be out in a few hours...

    Checksum: MLDO


    by Published on 15-04-2011 10:20  Number of Views: 27965 
    1. Victoria
    Article Preview

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the public beta. We're happy enough with 1.3 to give it out to people now.

    I hope you'll enjoy playing is as much I enjoy playing it.

    http://www.paradoxplaza.com/in-game/v2/1.3.exe contains the patch, incase you don't use the launcher.

    by Published on 24-11-2010 18:23  Number of Views: 46660 
    1. Europa Universalis
    Article Preview

    The patch is now available for all Europa Universalis III: Heir to the Throne owners though the game launcher and on all leading digital distribution platforms. To avoid compatability issues, please download the patch from the same digital retailer where you purchased the expansion.
    • Dynamic names of countries will now be seen on the map as its zoomed out, adapting to borders as they change.
    • Large overhaul of the Holy Roman Empire, with benefits to those that stay members, and penalties on those trying to wreck it.
    • Dozens of major gameplay enhancements, including reinforcing mercenaries, possibility for local naval supremacy, and possibility to annex countries with more than one province.
    • Lots of improvements to the AI, providing a more challenging experience for the veteran users.
    • Several Interface improvements, including more detailed information for military units and details on the Imperial elections.
    by Published on 11-11-2010 16:19
    1. Hearts of Iron

    The official Semper Fi patch is now out. Get it through your launcher or directly from here:

    http://www.paradoxplaza.com/in-game/...emperFi203.exe ...
    by Published on 28-10-2010 15:31
    1. Victoria

    To get the latest patch, it is recommended that you get it from your digital distributor, or via the launcher.
    You ...
    by Published on 13-08-2008 17:16
    1. Rome
    Article Preview

    Update through the games launcher or directly from this link http://www.gamersgate.com/eurome/Rome_1.3.exe ...