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  1. Long ago

    Yipes, it's almost 6 years since I made a blog post here. Perhaps because there's not that much I have to write about except how much I'm longing for the next HOI4 DD. (The last blog post I was longing for the next HOI3 DD)

    Kinda interesting.

    Well, time to ram the kids to bed and get some rest
    Random ramblings
  2. Estrategia Crusader Kings

    Buenas tardes:
    Lo primero que hice fue decidir con que Reino jugar, escogí el Reino de Asturias porque está rodeado de reinos musulmanes los cuales son faciales de declarar la guerra santa gracias a la diferencia religiosa.
    Empezamos en el año 769, es muy complicado empezar puesto que reinos musulmanes que rodean a nuestros reino son muy poderosos, debemos concentrar todo nuestro esfuerzo diplomático en buscar alianzas que sean capaces de seguirnos a la guerra.
    Lo primero que ...
    Paradox Games
  3. Doubt no longer valid

    I am 33. I lived past 30.

    I'm a dissapointment for a legion of worms.
  4. Another Res Publica special

    "Sir Michael", Henryk Sienkiewicz:

    At that moment the grand hetman Sobieski rushed up at the head of his escort. Flame was shooting from his eyes. He reined in his horse near the voevoda of Rus, and exclaimed,—

    "At them, now, with God's aid!"

    "At them!" shouted the voevoda of Rus.

    And after him the captains repeated the commands. With a terrible noise that forest of lances dropped with one movement toward the
  5. A short Res Publica special

    Henryk Sienkiewicz, "The Deluge":

    At that time the Lithuanian hussars, in which Kovalski served under Prince Polubinski, a great soldier, went to the attack. When they were passing I saw them as I see you this moment, for I was with the Lauda men on a height near the intrenchments. They were twelve hundred strong, —men and horses such as the world had not seen. They passed twenty rods distant from our flank; and I tell you that the earth trembled under them.
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